Yuji Naka says he doesn't even play the new Sonic titles

Yuji Naka: "The current Sonic games I've not really looked into and had the time to play, so I can't really comment on them that much. I know that it's in good hands with the Sonic Team at SEGA."

Hmm...maybe he should play them.

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Jamegohanssj53541d ago

ROFLMAO! He must didn't hear about the reviews.


Realgamer233541d ago

I love sonic games. But what kills new sonic game are when they add new sh** that mess up the whole game.
They need to go back to basics: run fast, kill robot, and give eggman the business.

Elven63541d ago

Why am I not surprised?

ngg123453541d ago

That is some hardcore pwnage by Yuji Naka.

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