Fanboys and Flame Wars are GOOD for Gaming

That Gaming Site explains why the videogame industry really does need fanboys.

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thebudgetgamer3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

the only thing they do is divide the gaming community.


below:true nothing wrong with defending your prefered console but most of the time it just turns into a pi$$ing contest

HighDefinition3596d ago

Fanboys - GOOD

Extremists - HORRIBLE

Everyone has biases, some people are just crazy about it.

elorm93596d ago

What about fanboy extremists? :|

SSCOOLCHEA3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Just hate em . Anyways what the fk is an xbox fanboy. what are they like all 13 years old with a fkn mouth that you want to slap the shlt out off. I have never come across a xbox fanboy that was no more than 16 years old . They don't even know shlt about gaming. I don't believe there is even an xbox fanboy ( halo fanboy yes ) . But there defending xbox because of halo .

lordgodalming3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

@1.0: "no they are not"

I'm with you. The real title should have been "Fanboys and Flamewars are Good for Gaming Journalism." Flamewars are great for getting hits, and that's about all.

@1.1: "Extremists - HORRIBLE"

Is that why your avatar is a Barbie Doll wearing a Khimar? Because you hate "extremists"? If I've misunderstood your lingo, I apologize. If I've got it right, you might be one of those people who is, as you put it, "crazy" about their biases.

Edit @1.5: Okay, sure. Everyone is biased. I like my PS3. I like Half-Life on my PC. But I can't see my video gaming biases dismissing part of a culture's belief system as "hilarious." However, you and I obviously have different senses of humor, and I'm cool to leave it at that if you are.

Edit 2: "I change my avatar almost everyday, so tommorrow you`ll LOVE me." Alright, that was kind of funny. You got me. :)

HighDefinition3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The Barbie w/ the Khimar is hilarious.

Calm down.

Listen.......everyone is biased.

You are a fanboy of Halflife IMO, that`s most likely why you have Gordon as your avatar. Nothing is wrong w/ that. Some people LOVE their sports team or a specific movie.

Edit: I change my avatar almost everyday, so tommorrow you`ll LOVE me.

Edit 2: :):)

N4g_null3596d ago

Really every one is bias? I don't thin k I am. If the PSP comes out with some thing I want I'll buy it. I don't have a problem with any system on the market. I have tastes but I'll give any thing a good try. I don't want an xbox 360 but I may get one for FF13.

I mean your almost saying just because every one else is killing it would be ok for you also. The difference is Bias is what killed the comic industry or lowered it into people arguing over stuff that does not matter.

Seriously fanboys end up not talking to any one other than people they agree with. Any one new to gaming will not be able to learn about what console gaming is about from these guys because they only talk about what is currently being hyped.

Notice how these guys only talk about the future. They always twist the facts too. Fanboys only keep blogs going. Then these blogs swear that the industry is represented by the number of hits they receive. It's a big circle jerk. It was fun till people started getting laid off,and that was before the recession.

Pretty sad if you ask me.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3596d ago

You can't actually be saying hatred towards one another for no sensible reason is good for the industry?

xwabbit3596d ago

Even tho i gave an approval vote, I'm not with its point of view, gave it an approve vote 2 see what people write.

Roper3163596d ago

gaming!!!!!!!! period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

creeping judas3596d ago

Fanboys and extremists are good for N4G, because without them this place would be pretty dry. And like Ive said before, fanboy nonsense is commical to me. Coming to N4G is always good for a chuckle.

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