BF2 Patch 1.50 Trapped in the Phantom Zone

The long-talked about and long-awaited Battlefield 2 1.50 patch is getting more like Bigfoot everyday. People have long questioned DICE's commitment to such an old property and they were always told that DICE was a big company with a lot of workers - in other words, they have plenty of resources to devote to this. Sure, but it turns out the patch team might really just be two overworked guys with no real idea when the work will be done.

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iLemon3545d ago

That is such an annoyance. A couple years ago I noticed my DVD had a lot of scratches. I was constantly laying it on top of my desk to install something else. I ended up ripping the DVD into an ISO to preserve my disc. Now I just mount the ISO to a virtual drive to reinstall/play from.

SpartanGR3545d ago

People still play BF2???