Botnets Beat Spartan Laser on Halo 3

Wired: What's the most powerful weapon you can wield when playing Halo 3 online?

I know. You can control the entire map with a battle rifle and a couple sticky grenades. But that teenybopper you just pwned has you beat with the tiny botnet he leased with his allowance money.

That's because Xbox Live gamers are increasingly turning to easy-to-use botnet software with names like "Bio Zombie Booter" to exact lingering revenge on their online foes, reports Christopher Boyd at

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edhe3596d ago

Sad, sad sad little wasting loser bastards, dear god.

It's ploughing the local grass field because someone else won the kickabout with someone else's ball.


If anyone knows anyone that's ever contributed to this please rip off their ears and mail them to me.