The Phil Harrison Interview, Part II and III

In Part I of Newsweek's mammoth four-part Q&A with Playstation worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison, he talked about why he voluntarily stepped into the line of fire at the D.I.C.E. Summit and detailed the aesthetic differences between Gears of War and Resistance: Fall of Man. In Part II, Harrison delivers a critical assessment of Nintendo's acclaimed Mii avatars, discusses the rising importance of user interfaces and explains why developers should look to "Leaving Las Vegas" as a source of inspiration.

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In Part III, Harrison explains why Guitar Hero succeeded in a way that Frequency and Amplitude did not, cops to some mistakes in the run-up to last November's launch, and reveals that even he's occasionally caught off-guard by some of the PS3's firmware updates.

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Kastrol4339d ago

You're much more willing to forgive poor animation when the rendering is abstract.
When you have a beautifully rendered, ultra-realistic face, if the eyebrow doesn't move properly, it destroys--what's the word, my brain's stopped working--it destroys the suspension of disbelief.

Industry Contradicting Itself

ReconHope4339d ago

i wonder if dark alex would have thought he would be infamous when he first started hacking psps.

Apocalypse Shadow4339d ago

the interview was so right on.i love the system and what it has done for me so far as a gamer,but the question about communication with your customers was well asked.if you want to create a connection with the ps3 buyer,"tell us what is going on!"if you have gamers running around trying to find out ANY news on ps3 games,or what the next firmware does,you need to connect better.even putting "PS NEWS" as a channel on the ps store.where you can get some inside scoops that everyone else who doesn't have a ps3 can't get.

show us before downloading what the firmware does.give us one screenshot or details on what gamers can look forward to in the future.we know what games are coming to a point.but the ones we know are under a media blackout.and the ones we don't could give us that boost to go buy more games.i already have 5 games(plus gt hd,flow,qbert and whatever i can download),but keeping me in the dark doesn't make me want to preorder.not releasing new demos when the ps store exists doesn't to all the fanboys,we,as owners,know that everything is not perfect in playstation world.

can't wait for part 4.the question were very good and well thought out.and to the ones that pick on phil,he sounds so candid that it should show you that he is just being an executive that has to show confidence,but he's still a man that can speak from the hip.maybe GDC will shed some light on the situation and my venting won't matter.can't wait for next week.because motorstorm is coming at the same time.

techie4339d ago

I loved amplitude :( Thought that game was soo cool...and never got into guitar hero cause I dunno didn't want a plastic guitar in my house.

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