Gamer on a Budget: Upcoming Price Breaks?

AndyGoes writes, "Remember back in the day when a fresh new game for the high end console or your PC was a cool $49.99? With the next generation of consoles came the next generation of price bumps with most games for the 360 and PS3 starting out at $59.99, in spite of the quality of the game. Only the PC and Wii gamers survived the $10 price hike. Well, according to analyst Todd Greenwald from Signal Hill, the $60 price point may be taking a dip because of our rough economy..."

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JimmyJames703547d ago

Sweet. Maybe the business I give Goozex instead of spending $60 is making the economy fail? Nah... Doubt it.

bgrundman3547d ago

Some would make you believe that used games hurt the industry. Personally I don't think that is the case

CrAppleton3547d ago

No.. it isn't... these companies failed on their own

bgrundman3547d ago

I wounldn't go as far as to say that they failed on their own, but they have had alot to do with their own demise.

bgrundman3547d ago

I think these price cuts are both needed and necessary. Things are much tighter financially then they used to be.

CrAppleton3547d ago

Very much so.. Who wants to spend 60 bucks on a game right now? It had better be DAMN worth it

ammonator3547d ago

Agreed, personally I am planning on Goozexing most of the 09 games I am looking forward to. It will have to be an exceptionally good game for me to pony up the cash.

CrAppleton3547d ago

At the same time though.. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a game now days.. so the price jump is understandable.. it's just hard to commit the money to them right now

bgrundman3547d ago

The only people that have that kind of money are the big shots like Rockstar.

killyourfm3547d ago

Well, I think it's more about supply and demand than if a title deserves a certain pricepoint. If 5 million+ people are willing to pay $60 per year for Madden, why should the cost be reduced from a business standpoint?

roblef3547d ago

No way this is gonna happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.