The Rules For Reviewing 'Halo Wars'

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Peer behind the curtain as I reveal how game companies give us copies of games to review and what they do and don't allow us to say. The case study for today is: "Halo Wars"!

(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K.)"

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PixlSheX3595d ago

And take points away if it doesn't have what starcraft 2 have.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3595d ago

what a waste of time, how did this crap get approved if 60% of n4g users cant view this video? :(

Bnet3433595d ago

I see they did the same thing Sony did with Lair. They sent them a reviewers guide.

crazypuppet3595d ago

The review guide for lair told reviewers to overlook certain bad aspects of the game. All that the press packet halo wars ask is that the reviewer doesnt include spoilers, which is perfectly reasonable.

MattF3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

This isn't unique to Halo Wars and Lair. Virtually all review copies would come with this kind of material. As crazypuppet says though Lair's went too far in its requests.

Aaron Greenterd3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

You mods delete my satire yet you allow these 360 kids to seriously troll the ps3 news sooo hard....really?

I mean come on. All i said was that i slip the reviewer $100 and he does the rest. Obviously if a mod is going to delete that, there must be some truth because the truth friggin hurts huh?

It's ok to post and approve 100's of 'ps3 is teh doom', yet the mods play scorekeeper and try to re-approve a troll review up to 8 different times before giving up, after handing out bans. Why don't you mods enforce the rules that are already here instead of taking it out on us?

So the site upgrade really worked huh. Kept the trolls out of the gamer zone didn't it. The only 360 fanboy that ever gets consistently censored is Capitol G, other than that you guys let 360 fanboys run amok in the comments and then slap ps3 users for the same thing.

Mods: stop trying to play referee. let these fanboys drown in their tears, it's nothing less than what they deserve.

Enigma_20993595d ago

... the mods must be XBox360 fanboys themselves... only explanation I can come up with.

chaosatom3595d ago

for telling it like it is.

pixelsword3595d ago, okay; Not viewable from the two OTHER countries who speak English as a primary language.

*Yes, I'm aware of French-Canada.

likedamaster3595d ago

"The review guide for lair told reviewers to overlook certain bad aspects of the game. All that the press packet halo wars ask is that the reviewer doesnt include spoilers, which is perfectly reasonable."

Before Sony loyals start spewing at the mouth, think about the MGS4 debacle with EGM.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Now pan right so we can see the $10,000 bag of swag from Microsoft

Why dis3595d ago

So you won't be buying this game?


pswi603595d ago

Just as soon as you buy a PS3 and KZ2 PoG...

Why dis3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Who in the hell is POG?

I think you have the wrong room there but if you find me trolling in KZ2 rooms feel free to reply :)

Wrong zone perhaps?


Go to the openzone if you have childish beefs and personal attacks.

3595d ago
NipGrip3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

His tactics are amateur at best.

Step 1: Slide in a snide, goading comment with a winky ;)
Step 2: When people retort act taken aback, insist they are overreacting, insulting and belong elsewhere.
Step 3: Repeat

It's tired, old, and very trollish behavior that taints many gaming communities.

3595d ago
pswi603595d ago Show
GiantEnemyCrab3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

NM. Just take it to the Open Zone.

pswi603595d ago

whats with the double standards around here? someone needs to talk some sense into people like why dis who troll 24/7 and act like everyone else should be in the open zone

so you admins are now in the business of protecting peoples feelings?

lol how pathetic

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gunnerheadboy3595d ago

The video isn't playing for me.

Anyone have any trouble too?

christian hour3595d ago

If you're in the UK or Canada sadly you cant view it. Whcih makes no sense, its not like were watching a syndicated tv program that cant be shown outside of the us until tv stations in other territories by the rights to show em too. Its a viddeo game journalist talking about videogames... THen again it is MTV and they're absolute c***s.

I really want to see this video too, not because its for halo wars but because its kind of showing a behind the scenes of game company/critic politics.

If anyone can find a link for this vide othats viewable for people outside the US then let me and gunnerheadboy know asap! or at least fill us in on the details!

gunnerheadboy3595d ago

@christian hour: Thanks man.

----------------------------- -----------

Can anyone upload this to Youtube?

u got owned3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Funny how you get disagrees for posting links. People must not like you around here. Anyway on topic, it seems this game will deliver, time will tell. One can only hope.

PoisonousPoison3595d ago

Ookay...So now their are rules for reviewing? This is why I'm glad I don't really take reviews seriously and watch just to have something to watch for a while...

Rules for reviewing, I'm going to be stuck on that one for a while..

Why dis3595d ago

I don't think the game is going to need his help :)

NipGrip3595d ago

Yes, the whole system of reviewing games is fixed.

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