New Research Sees Correlation Between Violent Bible Passages and Aggression

In what is likely to be a controversial finding, a team of researchers reports a correlation between violent sciptural passages and real-life aggression.

The research, which may have implications in the ongoing debate over the effects of video game violence, was conducted in part at Utah's Brigham Young University. As reported by the Deseret News:

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tony4251d ago

This makes no sense; the Bible teach us about love and the love of God too to humanity.They need to stop making excuses for human aggression. bad study. We have choices, to do good or do bad . It is our decision.

Merovee4251d ago

Videogames are the scape goat at present moment for alot of politicians. Yet no one has ever come out to say anything like "Maybe we shouldn't worry about Videogames causing violence until the number of people harmed or killed in the name of Mario Excedes the numbers hurt or killed in the name of God, Jesus, or Allah.

As far as religions teaching love, your 100% right. However for some reason a large portion seem to miss that part and look more to the Bible for who they should persecute than how to improve.

Looks like someone said: "Well let's see what else besides videogames may cause violence" and no one liked the response.

techie4251d ago

Yus it is our decision and not the bibles.

Hayabusa 1174250d ago

Well duh! It all boils down to individual people, and their choices. We really don't need research to tell us that some people kill because they choose to. I really don't think you can blaim any form of media for peoples actions: if people are influenced by it, it's because they WANT to be influenced by it.

deadeyes994247d ago

wat kind of F A G reads the bible