Xbox Resurrection: 6 Uses For Your Old Xbox

Microsoft may have abandoned it, but the original Xbox still has some life left. Here are six ways you can maximize your investment.

It's now early 2007, and the truth is inescapable: the era of the original Xbox is over. The signs are everywhere. For one, third-party publishers have virtually abandoned the console. For another, most online gamers have moved on to the Xbox 360. Even Microsoft has stopped manufacturing it. There are practical considerations, too. The Xbox is a massive system and takes up lots of space in your overcrowded entertainment center. And that's space that could be filled by a more worthy high-tech goliath, such as the PlayStation 3.

But what now? Toss your Xbox in the trash? Stuff it in your sock drawer? Donate it to needy Zimbabweans? Gamepro got a better idea. Why not make it the hub of your living room? Or grant it TiVO-like abilities? Or upgrade it to store hundreds of Xbox games, movies, and TV shows? Or maybe you just want to cash in while you still can? This story will give you the full rundown on your Xbox options.

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Sphinx4435d ago

What to do with mine. I only have 2 Xbox games... I thought about putting it in my car.

caffman4435d ago

I've put my old one in my car and its great. I would've put in a PS2 but I like to keep the value of my car

Marty83704435d ago

Best suggestion

PureGamer4435d ago

hmmm?? a coffee table or a foot stand would do good

TheMART4435d ago

You're talking about the PS3 there mate

Bad_Karma4435d ago

I cut the top off of my xbox .. took all the insides out and sank it into my lawn then filled it with water ... i now have an Olympic sized pool thanks to microsoft.

Covenant4435d ago

I'm keeping mine until all of my old Xbox games are 360-compatible. Favorites like D&D Heroes and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath aren't playable yet. Once the full BC happens, I'll probably sell it. A local game store gives $50 cash, $75 store credit for working Xboxes.

GTProwler4435d ago

mine became an Emulator like a year ago.

Syko4435d ago

About four years ago I put an Xecuter chip in mine with the Xecuter bios. Then put in a 120 gig HDD. I have every emulator from Colecovision to PS1 . And with the exception of the PS1 emulator I have every game for all systems, Including MAME. Plus a collection of over 300+ xbox games burned on DVD+R. So yeah it still serves a purpose.

Sphinx4435d ago

How do you do all that? I'd love to have something like that in my car... cruising down the road playing some Colecovision.

Syko4435d ago

I'll hit you up in private chat when I see ya on to fully explain it. But you have to take apart the xbox and solder on 9 wires to the motherboard then run the on\off switch for the mod chip to the outside of the case. But the 14 gigs worth of emulators you need to install using FTP over the lan in the xbox pretty complicated at first but now I can install the chip and the HDD in under 30 mins. To FTP all those files takes about 5 hours though... The Avalaunch dashboard is better than the 360 and PS3 dashboards too. It took me about 5-6 months to track down all those rom files on newsgroups.