Dan "Shoe" Hsu's newest project revealed. Exclusive video series for GCHD.

GCHD Writes" GCHD is proud to welcome two new members to their family. Dan "Shoe" Hsu and Raychul Moore. Shoe and Raychul will shoot a weekly video series for GCHD and it will appear exclusively on the GCHD iPhone application. The video series is entitled: "Cut Scene" and will air once a week.

Cut Scene will be 3 minutes in length and will be exclusive to the GCHD iPhone application for three days. After the exclusivity window has closed, an extended version of the video will be available on both and on Hsu's blog The extended footage will include scenes that were edited for time and of course will include bloopers. Cut Scene is slated to be available within the app store for both the iPhone and iPod Touch on Valentine's Day."

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GWAVE3542d ago

I've made it a habit to avoid anything Dan Hsu touches.

morganfell3542d ago

Agreed. I have an iPhone 3G and am not going to touch anything that clown comes near. I seriously hope this business endeavor of his goes down in flames.

SSCOOLCHEA3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

You are so correct . That fool sucks balls and he took EGM down with him.(Thats when I started to dislike EGM ) What a fantard that kid was ? He was born with 2 master chief stuck to his balls . Didn't even attempt to click on the link , I don't want to see his ugly azz.

PLAYWATCH3542d ago

This guy was bias as sh1t towards the PS3. He really had it in for it for some reason. I really wouldn't have mind if he stated the situation and facts in a professional manner but he got personal and came off like a person with a personal vendetta. I couldn't stand reading EGM after that and looked elsewhere.

It became ridiculous when it seemed he was enforcing zero lenience policy towards PS3 while giving the other console excessive praise and sometimes basing them on his personal feelings with phrases along the lines of "it just makes me feel good" or something to this effect. It seemed he no longer could give us just the facts and his professional judgement on any matter with PS3 in it.


socomnick3542d ago

Lol wow so much hate. I really must ask why though ?

Oner3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

This alone is more than enough proof of his clear bias and irresponsible reviews/reporting. If anyone "can't" see it then they are no better than him.

Elginer3542d ago

a thumbs up and a damn bubble for that comment!

solidjun53542d ago

I don't like that hypocrite.

Lifendz3542d ago

That cover you thought would be so funny, you know, the one where you had a tomato thrown against a system that was still in its infancy, yeah...that one...well that's the reason why I won't be following you're biased arse anywhere. There's no room in videogame reviews for fanboys. That's why 1up lost almost everyone and EGM is gone. Other sites are starting to realize that being biased will get you nothing but a loss of hits.

Oner3542d ago

TY Squallsan (and others for the agrees/bubbles!)

likedamaster3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Can't stand that fool.

Another thing, he's as boring as the magazine he came from...EGM(RIP) this time isn't any different. EGM wasn't the same for years.

pain777pas3542d ago

Oner fantastic find. That is classic Hsu at his all time high. LO freakin L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TOO PAWNED3542d ago

What is this crap? Can someone explain?

lamplight3542d ago

What do you need explained? Let me try my best for you.

GCHD hired Dan to do a weekly video series, which will be found on GCHD's iPhone application. Several days later the video will be available to watch on Hsu's blog ( and

Solid pickup by gchd for sure. I can't wait to watch these videos. The promo video was really funny. "You're wasting precious internet bandwidth"...awesome!

heyheyhey3542d ago

i prefer Dan "Poo" Hsu or something to that effect... like sh!t, turd, dumbass and what have you

SRuN43542d ago

I thought his new project was going to involve others that were laid off at 1UP?

tplarkin73542d ago

I can see why PS3 owners don't like Dan. But you have to respect him for being open about his professional opinion. My only beef with him is the vulgarity of EGM.

barakiu3542d ago

i read the description and decided not to watch the video. his girlfriend is a like a prostitute. a few hours later, now i've watched the promo, i'm probably not gonna watch the show at'all.

i didn't really like their vulgarity in EGM either, but there was more depth and "maturity" compared to their nearest rival Gamepro, which was understood by myself to be a magazine for younger gamers. after watching Gamepro News though it seems like their just as vulgar at Gamepro...I wouldn't car3 if they went under...

it's safe to say print is dead.

morganfell3542d ago

When you have a biased opinion in the line of work involving objective reviews you are no longer professional.

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