IGN: Yuji Naka Interview

There are few figures that encapsulate the golden 16-bit era better than Yuji Naka – a key figure in the success of SEGA's Mega Drive with his iconic Sonic games, his work post-hedgehog was no less revolutionary. Going on to produce Nights, one of the beleaguered Saturn's true highlights, Naka went on to form his own studio, Prope, in 2006. IGN caught up with the legendary figure for a brief chat when he was in London to promote the first game under the new studio, Let's Tap.

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bigjclassic3545d ago

Yuji Naka, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Kenji Inafune never really get the credit they deserve from "current gen" gamers. It's all about the war between MS/Sony and the battle for 2nd place.

These are the guys who resurrected the home console market after the
American gaming companies and media killed it off.

PotNoodle3545d ago

Shigeru miyamoto lost all his credit when he got up on stage and "performed" with wii music :P

callahan093545d ago

I disagree. It's not like he killed a baby or something. So, now, because his resume looks something like this:

"designed hundreds of good games, including a good chunk of the best games of all time, completely revolutionized game design (at least two times), and helped produce one game poorly received game"

he's got no credibility?

TheColbertinator3545d ago

I wish Yu Suzuki would take the head development of Sega.