PSU Picks: Games in need of Publishers

Littered throughout the games industry there are a myriad of promising titles yet to secure a publishing partner. You often don't hear as much about these titles, but PSU have taken it upon themselves to filter through and showcase our hand-picked favorites, giving the reasons behind our choices. Without further adu, enjoy.

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Violater4339d ago

its no wonder they haven't found a publisher.
Though i do admit heavy rain looked interesting (as a HBO short )

techie4339d ago

Are you kidding me? These games are next-gen in concept and implimentation. Would be great exclusives...

NoUseMerc4339d ago

I talked with a dev from Tasier the people behind Metronome. If they dont get a publisher quick they will have to move on and let it die. Its costs to much to keep in development.

techie4339d ago

No! But it looks so good and interesting! Who can publish? Find someone NOW.