Stormrise Final Box Art Actually Looks Good

Cinemablend: The final box art for Stormrise has been unveiled by Sega. This is also as important as the game going gold, only because now you know that they have finalized the game's look for the cover. Could you imagine a game that wasn't graphically complete but had a final box art? Now that would be torture on those poor box art artists.

If I can be serious for a moment…while the game is an RTS and a visually stunning game, why is it that the box art makes it look like a zombie shooter? I mean, it looks good…if it were for "Zombie Hunters 3050". But I don't see how the box conveys any sense of real-time strategy or that it's actually about two opposing sides. I mean, you get the sense of two opposites butting heads, but it's obvious that the Echelon (on the left) look like they're about to pump the mutant freaks (the Sai) with lead.

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