Pocket Gamer: 100% Games for Boys

Pocket Gamer writes:

"It's hard to say this without sounding chauvinistic, but gaming's always been the domain of men. You never see articles on video game websites about an increase in the number of dudes playing games - it's a foregone conclusion that the boys are at the controls.

On occasion we allow the chicks to bash a few buttons, sure, but this is an industry of testosterone-fuelled reality avoidance.

The mobile gaming bloke has simple tastes, but high expectations. He wants what he knows, but demands surprises. Sports, action and car-based violence are his staple diet, but he's been playing ever since Pong first appeared in an American pub, so he's a discerning animal.

So this week we're braving the disapproving stares of wives, mothers, girlfriends and daughters everywhere as we celebrate what it means to be a male pocket gamer."

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