GamesRadar breaks Guinness World Record at Sega Rally

GamesRadar writes:

"The Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition goes on sale today in the UK. It's a fascinating book, but sadly it's a bit out of date already. Well, maybe in one instance - we've just broken the World Record on one of the best racing games ever made: Sega Rally Championship on the Sega Saturn.

The previous record (2'30"80) for a 3-lap run on the Desert course stood since 2002 and was held by Christiano T Assumpcao from Brazil (printed in the book). But, despite our pretty crappy first run of 2'33"21, we figured we were in with a shout. Three days of practise later, we finally achieved a 2'30"73. And yes, it was very, very difficult."

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TIKUP3545d ago

does anyone really care??? lol

Montrealien3545d ago

you cared enough to post a comment. lol

Aaron Greenterd3545d ago

I thought they broke the Guinness World Record for most Xbox Fanboys at one gaming website....

But I guess GameDaily and Edge are still tied for that one.

soxfan20053545d ago

Not as many as there are Sony fanboys at N4G.

Enigma_20993545d ago

if this site were run by Sony funboys, as you claimed, Greenterd would have at least TEN bubbles... the fact that he has so few proves exactly the opposite... that there are more than enough of YOU running around up here to keep his comment count down. Now explain THAT... and try to do it in a way that actually sounds like common sense.

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PixlSheX3545d ago

Gamesradar... i don't give a s#!t what gamesradar do.

terrandragon3545d ago

And people don't give a s#!t of what you do, even if it is your mum.

Polluted3545d ago

Lol. Nice cornering. I think I remember that car being fast, but kind of b!tchy to handle. It was rear wheel drive or something.

soxfan20053545d ago

A great game is a great game regardless of what generation or platform. This is a concept lost today, especially on this site.
Regardless of how many Saturn's were sold worlwide, Sega Rally was without equal during it's generation.

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