Grand Theft Auto Clone "Payback" Shows up on iPhone

GTAHQ Reports: "Getting GTA on the iPhone may be more real than you think! I was looking around on my iPhone today and came across a game that claims it's very similar to GTA. If you remember in a previous post, we explained that GTA might be coming to the iPhone/PSP soon. With this game already on the iPhone, it's very possible.

So with that said I decided to go ahead and purchase the game to see if it was worth it, and also check the capabilities of a future GTA game coming to the iPhone."

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Speed-Racer3596d ago

These guys could never beat the original GTA. hopefully they bring out an iPhone version soon

IllusionRSN3596d ago

I agree, this version is actually pretty damn good, but if R* would make it, it would be really awesome.

Speed-Racer3596d ago

Wha would be awesome though would be a 3d version like GTA4, a smaller city though.

Ju3596d ago

"Payback". Oh memories. That game was written a couple of years ago (imagine, Amiga version back then! Guys know what that was?) and has been ported to all kind of devices since.

spandexxking3596d ago

is that not illegal? it has exactly the same sound effects as GTA1!

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