The Galactic Pillow Review: Everest: Hidden Expedition

TGP writes: "One of the surprising aspects of the new Apple 3G iPhone is just how robust the game selection is. Traditionally, Macs have lagged far behind PCs in this area with most gaming companies totally ignoring bringing their games to OSX. Those that do sometimes release ports of their wares months, even years, after the PC release. Therefore, it's a joy to see Apple beginning to come around and noticing that the gaming market is incredibly lucrative and, if the reports are correct, the bulk of iPhone APP store purchases are indeed from video games. The biggest problem for consumers though is trying to wade through the copious amount of below par software that is available on iTunes to try and find the gems. Confounding this even more is the severe lack of online reviews and articles about the available software. Relying on comments in iTunes is just about useless as most are nothing more than knee-jerk reactions praising the game as the best thing since sliced bread or the worst piece of garbage ever to be coded. Hopefully, in the future, some of the bigger video game sites will see that iPhone/cell phone gaming is going to boom."

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