Girl meets guy on XBox Live: Family Tracked Runaway Daughter to Puerto Rico by Phone Records

A 16-year-old Michigan girl is safe and being reunited with her parents after running away to Puerto Rico apparently with a man she met online.
Jasmine Rieberger ran away after meeting a man on the Internet. For Jasmine Rieberger, her sudden escape to Puerto Rico Saturday was a chance to follow her dreams, perhaps the beginning of a fairy tale.

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jamesrocks31473596d ago

i have met lots of girls over playstation home on PSN should check it out xbox live cant match that mother f*cker


itagaki3596d ago

I'm not sure what to make of this, is she super stupid and smart at the same time?

See manages to go to Puerto Rico and destroys her Xbox to leave no traces. I blame this on the parents.

Jerk1203596d ago

Those aren't girls, James.

Those are guys with girl avatars.


ZootHornRollo3596d ago

why do kids get the blame when her parents should of beat her up and said listen dumb ass your going to get raped and killed.

but no its xbox's fault her child ran away.


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aspergersyndrome3596d ago

I watched the video!

Parry Aftab the Internet Safety Expert.......praised Microsofts commitment to 'Parental Controls' and 'Safe Gaming' with the Xbox 360.

I wonder who submitted this and if they watched the video. As this is a pro 360 article.

Legionaire20053596d ago

I submitted it cause i want to get hits

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago

At least you're honest Legionaire. (shrugs)

chaosatom3596d ago

Why Did she destroy her xbox?

Was she worried that it's going to burn down the house? :D

Llort3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


People who use Xbox Live are perverts and child molesters.


They're also fat and lazy people most of them are americans.

Realgamer233596d ago

It not just Americans. There are a lot of sick people in the world.

Helghast Slayer3596d ago

The majority of them are American just like the norm 360 loyalists on this site.

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago

You're a stupid idiot! Someone needs to slap your mom around for having such a POS bigot like yourself.

Man_of_the_year3596d ago

@ Crap

Bro you are in the Open Zone - ofcourse these leg humpers are going to say such stupid things - don't waste your energy typing to them. You know as well as i do that they are just trying to get their posts in here before they wait in bed for their dads to "tuck" them in...

Llort3596d ago

Actually I'm waiting for your "mom" to tuck me in, ;) ;).

I'm not a bigot, I'm a truth teller, a whistle blower.

You must be American.

Man_of_the_year3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Your attempt to counter my comment was extremely weak - couldn't you atleast come up with something original and not a recycled joke?

And no i am not American - I AM CANADIAN !!!!!

Your comments are just plain ignorant. But i wouldn't expect anything less from a 12 year old.

Llort3596d ago

Canadian? Five year old Puerto-rican boys are more useful than Canadians.

dustgavin3596d ago

Man of the year is just upset because his two favorite tactics on live are coming to light.

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