Zero Punctuation reviews LittleBigPlanet

This week Zero Punctuation reviews LittleBigPlanet.

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Alcohog3545d ago

Yawn. Kinda not into these anymore.

Sarcasm3545d ago

I haven't watched this guy since... heck I don't even remember.

It's funny at first, but it gets old rather quickly.

Lifendz3545d ago

but I really wish he didn't talk like someone has a gun to his head and is going to pull the trigger unless he finishes 4 sentences in the space of one.

Tarmgar3545d ago

That's what makes Yahtzee, Yahtzee. But, you gotta use what got you there. Look at AVGN, his videos have gotten sorta old, but he's still funny, and still angry. Gotta keep the basics.

Leathersoup3544d ago

I happen to find his reviews hilarious and very useful. There's so many sites out there that only dwell on hyping the good points of games when they come out that they fail to properly inform you of the drawbacks. That's where Yahtzee comes in. As much as he's hated for dumping on some random fanboy's favorite game once per week, I think his point of view is required to balance out the system. He's pure venomous anti-hype.

For a laugh check out the video where he responded to outranged fanboys. It was classic.

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Trollimite3545d ago

i cant understand a word he says

Scotracer3545d ago

Seems your frontal lobotomy didn't go according to plan then...

onomix3545d ago

He talks so fast, it is so fricking funny. You can't take this review seriously, lol. Good laugh.

Kamikaze1353545d ago

Humorous review, but all of it is true.

yamamoto1143545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

It's funny because of how true it is.

And yes, I can see the disagrees coming. Might as well rename this place

sloth4urluv3545d ago

Yeah all his reviews are funny because they are true.
I enjoyed his review on Halo3 especially about the friendly AI driving the warthog.

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The story is too old to be commented.