The Truth About Wii Fit And Weight Loss

Yahoo writes:

"Nintendo's exercise game Wii Fit is still flying off retail shelves eight months after its U.S. release last May. The all-in-one instructional tool, weight tracker and fitness coach advertises itself as a painless way for the whole family to get healthy thanks to the game's "balance board," which measures players' movement. Offering a selection of activities--from running to push-ups to yoga--Wii Fit is now in almost 1.5 million homes across the country. But is anyone actually using it?"

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Chris3993546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Exercise and health is not a game.

Diabetes, obesity, heart-disease, cancer and stroke, are not games.

WiiFit will never replace the benefits of actual, vigorous exercise. Nor will it give people the results that they want to achieve and will probably leave them feeling more defeated than they were in the first place.

People need to start taking their health seriously and stop looking for a quick fix.

If you want to loose weight, get fit and feel better about yourself, spend the $80 on a gym membership, or a personal trainer, or a weight set (saw one for $75 bucks at Walmart the other day - bench and everything).

The most common rebuttal to my type of thinking is, well not everyone LIKES to exercise, it's hard to get motivated.

Newsflash, even athletes and pro-bodybuilders find exercise difficult. Exercise is by it's very nature an antagonistic process - you against/ with your body. It is that struggle of body and will to achieve feats of strength and endurance that build character and inner confidence.

I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point people became too lazy for their own good, and it's getting worse.

Hercules3546d ago

you just summed up my opinion...the only real way to exercise and is to just go to a gym (mainly $5-20 memberships) and work with weights, then do exercises at home (pushups, crunches, running, etc)..and stop eating junk food, but dont starve yourself, you need calories to burn off, thus producing more energy to exercise..some people just get lucky with a fast metabolism (like me), but that doesnt mean i dont stay active, i play basketball and football almost every chance i dont spend $60-80 on a game and expect good a network said "Verb - it's what you do"

Voiceofreason3546d ago

So pay for other things that cost more and work about the same just dont buy Wii fit because even though you know nothing about it in your "expert" opinion it isnt worth the money because it doesnt carry the brand name you follow? You dont need a gym or anything to stay in shape, just be motivated and want to. Thats all it really takes. Wii fit is no worse than a gym. It's still money nobody had to pay out.

Silellak3546d ago

I use Wii Fit mostly to keep track of my weight with a very reliable scale. Other than that, it doesn't get much use anymore.

That being said, I actually find Wii Tennis can be pretty damn good exercise, if you play it right. Sitting on the couch or standing up and just swinging is not exercise.

Running around your entire living room, while perhaps making you look like a bit of an idiot, I've found is pretty effective - or so the 8 pounds I've lost in the last month has shown me. Obviously I don't NEED the game to run around like an idiot, but it's giving me motivation, which is enough for me. If I make sure to KEEP moving, I can get my heart rate between 150 and 165, which is pretty effective.

Video games can definitely be used to help lose weight, but only if you use them as motivation. They are not a magical quick fix and require just as much effort as real exercise.

Chris3993546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I have a kinesiology degree with a sub-doctorite in sport's medicine. I have been an athletics trainer and life-style coach for over 10 years. I have studied and practiced and learned almost everything possible about the human body and it's functions with regards to nutrition and exercise.

So yes, in what you might refer to as my "expert" opinion, I do think that WiiFit is relatively useless. Pushups, squats, yoga can all be done WITHOUT a piece of software. And if you plan on getting really fit, it will probably take some sort of monetary investment in additional equipment (weights, running shoes, whatever). People invest in all sorts of things from sweets to a daily latte to video games. Do you honestly think it is so unreasonable to invest a little care and money into yourself, your body and your health?

Another key issue that you are apparently unaware of is the concept of progressive overload and muscle memory. The body is a highly intelligent machine, the more that it performs a certain action - i.e. a pushup, sit-up - the more your body adapts and becomes used to that exercise. This effectively renders the repetitive, limited nature of WiiFit's programs ineffective in a rather short period of time. In plain English:

Whatever benefits WiiFit generates will lessen over time until further gains are negligible.

That's just how the software is designed, it's finite. It won't continue to produce results after the user has used it long enough. Sure, for those who are utterly unmotivated, it might serve as a gate-way into further physical activity. But to suggest that WiiFit is in any way as effective as training at a fully equipped gym makes you look ill informed.

There are almost infinite further reasons that I could go into as to why WiiFit will never, ever substitute itself in the place of normal exercise. You seem to like to argue without fact though, so I'll leave you to whatever opinions you may have.

iHEARTboobs3546d ago

Now that's a voice of reason! Good post.

AllseeingEye3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I use it. I was exercising a total of 0 minutes a day before I started the Wii Fit. I'm only 4 pounds over the average weight so I'm no fatty. I got into it after watching her and I do it for 30min a day. Running in place for 10 min doing 20 reps of pushups and situps every night. Yes, it works if you stick with it. Wii Fit and Mario Galaxy are the only thing i use my Wii for. The PS3 get most of my love but for all intensive purposes, the Wii Fit is working for me.

PS360WII3546d ago

Sure you can just do exercises but most people need that nagging voice to tell you to do it. Wii Fit is that voice.

You don't get people saying how Madden won't really teach you how to catch that football or how Killzone doesn't really teach you how to shoot a gun do you? Why focus on Wii Fit? It's rather silly debate actually

BWS19823545d ago

I bodybuild myself, if anyone has read a couple mentions of it when I said them, and it was usually in reference to Wii Fit. While it's better than nothing, Wii Fit is a "quick fix" like most "solutions" I've seen. Muscle memory is about adaptation, so he's right. The body will react to stimuli over time to inevitably use less and less effort, for efficiency purposes, when you involve it in stressors. This is how most plateaus are hit. You need to mix things up, although I don't know how much Wii Fit has in terms of variety, I suppose it is a starting place, but again, it's no substitute for real work. I also hate Wii Fit for using the anti-bodybuilder-system of BMI (sucks for accuracy)...I lift weights 6 days a week and eat a diet that would drive most people mental at times, eating for my goals, not my pleasure (atm, I'm dealing with a medical hiatus though)..Bodybuilding is hard work, but when you can weigh the outcome against the hard work, it then becomes worth it, and that is what pushes me.

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nikola9873546d ago

I'm still using wii fit from time to time,i hate gym and this is much more fun for me,so suck my di*k kotaku

Mr_Bun3546d ago

My best friend bought one for his girlfriend and if she's using it, it isn't working.

iHEARTboobs3546d ago

lol, man that's harsh! I hope your best friend isn't on N4G. haha

Foxgod3546d ago

Why are lazy people constantly looking for some sorth of miracle to make them lose weight.

The only thing that helps is to get off your damn ass and go to the fitness, just like me.

Hercules3546d ago

you are retard..first off its from yahoo, not kotaku..second, the gym is actually more effect..the only thing you are working out is the fun factor, not your actual body..try playing sports and then you will work out the fun factor and your actual body

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