Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Kicks Killzone 2's Ass (GameStooge Poll Results)

The poll results are in for the post anticipated 2009 game poll, as the gaming on the list have come out (Killzone 2) or are about to come out (Resident Evil 5), and the winner is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (aka Call of Duty 6), which trounced Killzone 2 by a wide margin. Killzone 2 was also beaten by Diablo III and tied with Resident Evil 5, followed closely by Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III and Halo 3: ODST. Interestingly, CoD:MW 2 was a user addition as the writer forget to add the title to the initial list. Madden NFL 10 was a late add, as news about the title began to stream in this week.

Poll originally announced:

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XxSpiiKeZxX3543d ago

now hold up this pole asks you what you want to see later on...
i can see how CODMW2 got the heat since everyone who likes FPS love cod
but since KZ2 is so close to us why i vote for it anyway???
i think the title is a bit off "codmw2 kikz kz2 ass"
i smell a hater
now it cod could be better but who knowns KZ2 is already dubbed "best looking console game ever" i wouldnt see codmw2 surpasing in terms of graphics since its multiplatoform
not to be fanboish but it took a lot to make KZ2 i jus cant see Infinity Ward topping that level in a less amount of time especially if they plan on using the same engine

chewy3173543d ago

9 percent to 15 percent, kicked in the ass? ok maybe.... LOL../.

Wife Of The Bad Guy3544d ago

Modern Warfare 2 will be awesome,Killzone 2 is better than Modern Warfare 1 so it's going to be great to see what Infinity Ward can come up with

red5ive3544d ago

i'm freakin excited about killzone 2, and i do also think kz 2 is looking a little better than modern warfare right now... but........ give me 3 on 3 nhl arcade baby! YEAH!

Ghoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

damn my local wishmaster 2000 ran out of future orbs. Can you send me one ? I wanna play the games too.

"kz 2 is looking a little better than modern warfare"

Well mate kz2 rapes everyones ass when it comes to tech and enginepower. Thats a fact not speculation nor opinion.

CaseyRyback_CPO3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Some 360 fans desperate for justification.

While none is even required its a good system, It really does appear that the kitchen sink is being thrown at Kz2. Its disgusting, everything is a VERSUS article. Didn't happen to Halo, didn't happen to COD, didn't happen to Gears. Just goes to show you how many people really are afraid of KZ2 because it turned out to be exactly what Sony/GG said it was going to be. Everyone enjoyed mocking it, and now everyone is just too cowardly to admit that GG pulled it off, and look forward to the next thing from Microsoft.

Sad day in gaming when a good game just cant be a good game, sure. Compare it to other shooters to summarize or explain it, but I don't know why some of the 360 community feels that there is a need to trivialize Kz2. I've never seen anything like this in gaming.

It turns my stomach, because its ruining gaming. This whole politic was never in gaming. Ribbing each other but we all used to agree on whats good. Kind of like Sports teams. You have your favorite team, but you all agree the sport is amazing and interesting. Give credit where credit is due, brag when you have to, but it was all in good fun. Now its just sad, the extreme 360 fans don't even have exclusive games to compare to KZ2. Thats just classic.

sevchenko3543d ago

and KZ2 is better than all FPS

sonarus3543d ago

Behold Halo wars 3% lulz

This is what is to be expected. KZ2 is an unproven franchise its even worse than a new IP since its prequel didn't score highly. 9% still puts it in the range of FFXIII, Halo ODST and RE5. COD6 will probably be best selling game this yr.

Everyone will have their eye on it considering how COD4 pretty much set the FPS standard for this generation

shutupandplay3543d ago

"KILLZONE 2 will tear away COD 6 and KZ2 is better than all FPS"
Seriously, why are you getting agrees?

acedoh3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I don't remember getting offered a survey... How many of you have??? Of course Modern Warfare will fare better since it's multiplat and the first one sold over 7 million copies. That of course doesn't mean it will be better than Killzone 2. I think Killzone 2 will set the bar for FPS games and many who are underestimating this game will be eating their words in the coming months.

pswi603543d ago

and people say that n4g is becoming a joke

it already is a joke, and "news" like this is why. im sure it will get reported to failure only to be put back up by the referee mods

soxfan20053543d ago


"Sad day in gaming when a good game just cant be a good game, sure. Compare it to other shooters to summarize or explain it, but I don't know why some of the 360 community feels that there is a need to trivialize Kz2. I've never seen anything like this in gaming."

Do you mean like how nearly every PS3 fanboy compares KZ2 to Gears of War 2 or Halo 3? Even going so far as to nitpick every 1/10th of a point in reviews? Go back and look at the KZ2 comments for the last few weeks, and count how many times Gears or Halo is also mentioned along with KZ2. PS3 fanboys can't just allow the game to stand on it's own merits - they always have to try to justify why they think it is better.

Microsoft Xbox 3603543d ago

PS3 owners vote K2 or CoD6. 360 owners vote for CoD6 only. The poll is worthless.

CaseyRyback_CPO3543d ago

I stopped reading when you said "Every PS3 Fanboy..." as if that is some sort of source of news or report? Maybe in your world of fanboying what the guy that spams the GamerZone and gets reported ass offense says, matters. But no, not in reality.

However I have seen the following news stories posted( As opposed to Fanboy arguments):

Killzone2 Vs Resident evil5:

Killzone2 vs BATMAN

Killzone2 vs COD4

Killzone2 vs the best shooters of 2008

And that is exactly why I said that there is definitely a segment of people who want to trivialize KZ2. Gamesradar was recently busted for doing so on Neogaf. They had a history of making up negative articles for KZ2. I dont deal in "fanboy". I only deal with the reality, which is a constant flow of KZ2 vs articles to N4G. It clearly isn't generated by PS3 fans saying that they LOVE KZ2 and working for these websites.

And as always, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Sarcasm3543d ago

Killzone 2 vs Modern Warfare 2...

Does it really matter? KZ2 is out in Feb and MW2 is out in Fall. That's plenty of spread time to enjoy both games. (For PS3 owners at least)

soxfan20053543d ago

I said "nearly", not "every". What about your 3rd sentence - "Its disgusting, everything is a VERSUS article". EVERTHING? That's a pretty extreme fanboy-like statement. Read my posts on this site - I don't deal in fanboyism either. Anyway - no hard feelings. Sleep well.

burbulla3543d ago

the title should read
360 fanboys: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Kicks Killzone 2's Ass

FrankenLife3543d ago

Will CoD:MW2 outsell KZ2, probably. It is multiplatform, and a name people who don't play games know. Sales don't make game quality though. If that were true then Wii Play would be one of the best games of all time. Though I have no doubt that it will be a good game, who's to say anything more specific than that. We know nothing about it. What if it is just a rehash of 4 with suicide bombing zombies?

DA_SHREDDER3543d ago

Where are the articles based around that? You bots crack me up. The funny thing about this whole thing is that the game is also on the ps3. To bad you 360 owners have to wait almost a whole year for a great shooter for your 360. I pity the foo who dont own a ps3 this year.

thebudgetgamer3543d ago

good if they do make a game better then k2 i will make gg make an even better game competition is good for us.


question is cod becoming the madden of shooters?

Danja3543d ago

so we are now resorting to Polls to try and downplay the greatness that KZ2 is...

Everyone who is gonna buy KZ2 is gonna be buying COD:6 this fall...

both games are FPS but has 2 total different style of gameplay....

Realistic vs run and gun......

Firstkn1ghT3543d ago

Nice name. Anyway you are kidding about Halo not being compared to every shooter, right?

prowiew3543d ago

Im more exited about killzone 2. But obviously, I still dont know anything about call of duty. But really im more exited about god of war than killzone.

xwabbit3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I think its pretty obvious a fan boy from one console wrote this lol. I mean what journalist compare games that haven't been even out or played them and state that it kick's its ass without even playing any of the games he is talking about

Alvadr3542d ago

Dont care if its better or not -

Killzone 2 = 3 weeks away
COD4:2 = 11 months away

KingME3542d ago

"Give credit where credit is due, brag when you have to, but it was all in good fun. Now its just sad, the extreme 360 fans don't even have exclusive games to compare to KZ2. Thats just classic."

Yeah, that comment was definitely said in good fun right. Can you say hypocrite.

Joey Greco RULES3542d ago

But pc gaming is dead.....really dead....long gone.....banished.....

:) idiots.

Rapture3333542d ago

Well 360 and PC gamers will obviously be anticipating COD6 more then KZ2

ThanatosDMC3542d ago

I wonder what the specs would be to run Moder Warfare 2. If it wants to trump Killzone 2, maybe we have to upgrade our video cards again? Unless it's specs are low enough that bought PS3 and 360 owners can play it. Then i'm not so sure it can beat Killzone 2 graphically.

People would be pissed if they go console exclusive.

Multiplat console would maim the game and wont be as flashy as Killzone 2.

Yes, graphics arent everything but graphics + gameplay trumps that ideology.

majorsuave3542d ago

"I wonder what the specs would be to run Modern Warfare 2"

Pretty much safe to say:
Dual core at least 2Ghz
Sound card
1gig ram.

core 2 duo 2.2Ghz
sound card
2gig ram.

Not a psychic, but I doubt they need a new engine, they still have punch left. So a 450$ pc should play it.

pain777pas3542d ago

Give this a rest!!!! BS pre polling software we havent even seen yet. Ridiculous

Agent VX3540d ago

COD Modern Warfare 2 easily beats badly KZ2. COD Modern Warfare is a much better FPS than KZ2.

The people have spoken, but personally I want Empire: Total War followed by COD MW 2. KZ2 is way down the list as games of 2009.

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josh143993544d ago

its very suprising that a game on ps3 pc and 360 is more hyped than killzone 2. if it was most anticipated ps3 game it would be a diff story.

fishd3544d ago

Actually it will kick Halo:ODST's(or whtevere that is XD) butt,you know they both will come out around holiday season!

Fishy Fingers3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Ah... polls always a perfect indicator of real world performance :/

Either way, of course it got more votes, it's a multiplatform game so there for more potential support. Surprised to see Diablo getting so many votes, good to see there are others also excited about that game.

Shame FEAR only got a few %, a lot of people are gonna miss out on that game.

"Total Votes: 251" LOL... pretty pointless.

beavis4play3543d ago

this article is pointless drivle.
by the way........anyone ever hear of "gamestooge" or hit that site on a regular basis?.....didn't think so.