Game Vortex: The Maw Review

Game Vortex writes:

"True to the adage, Maw "is what he eats," something that comes in handy as you attempt to lead the duo through each level. Maw begins as a small blob, but as he eats smaller creatures, he begins to grow. The mechanic is similar to Feeding Frenzy, only Maw will take on different abilities after eating certain creatures. For instance, eating Gastros (dogs made out of lava/ flame) gives Maw the ability to breathe fire while Beetulls (giant horned beetles) allow Maw to charge through objects.

The catch is that Maw can only hold one power at a time and must be a certain size to eat certain creatures. Additionally, some enemies aren't keen on becoming a snack, so you'll need to trick them.

The only thing really going against The Maw is the length and somewhat simplistic level designs. The underlying mechanics are solid and a blast, I just wish there was more to the entire experience. At best, The Maw is a solid."

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