Joystiq interview: Talking Uncharted 2 with Naughty Dog's Evan Wells

When he wasn't busy showing Joystiq the best way to get Nathan Drake killed, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells was patiently listening to our questions about facial hair, multiplayer plans and the adventurer's latest female companion.

Thankfully, he answered everything they lobbed at him (without lobbing any physical objects back).

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morganfell3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Great adventure gaming. I can't count the times I have been through the first one as those frantic gun battles with the AI never get old. The hand to hand combos then jumping back to blast someone with a shotty from close range is just a fantastic experience.

Lifendz3543d ago

I found performing the brutal combos to be a little difficult at times. Once I got the rhythm down it was easy, but the learning curve was a bit more steep than it had to be.

Lombax3543d ago

Learning curve? 0.o

Mirrors Edge has a learning curve. MGS4 (and MGO) has a learning curve.

Square, triangle, square has to be the smallest/shortest learning curve ever. Besides using the left analog to move.

cmrbe3543d ago

i didn't get that as well. The combo was very easy. I like stealth kill though or just run and kick them in the face.

I do hope they provide more combo combination in U2 but not over do them and put combos that people won't normally use. I like the new action stealth they will use.

The only thing that i need to get use to in uncharted is the aiming and throwing the grenade.

morganfell3542d ago

But with such simple controls the combat in Uncharted was far better than Bourne whom you never feel you are truly controlling (crosses fingers for EA to do a better job)

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Alcohog3543d ago

I don't think there is going to be multiplayer in U2. I know a lot of people are speculating on this, but I just don't think its going to happen. Personally, I'm fine with that.

Lombax3543d ago

But this is Naughty Dog we're talking about here. They won't give us a broken SP just for co-op or a broken co-op.

After playing U1 a bagillion times, I do think co-op can work in this game.

killzone2flop3543d ago

Uncharted maybe the only great game on ps3 that i like but still not worth getting a ps3 for sadly.

nostalgic_noob3543d ago

Ya same, I hope they dont add multiplayer, Uncharted is meant to be a a single player game.

TheColbertinator3543d ago

I think that pp is just another one of accounts from Nasim.

PP has horrendous grammar and spelling just like Nasim does.

It also would make sense because maybe sometimes Nasim is sick of being a droid and chooses at times to act like a bot.


Pennywise3543d ago

Wouldnt it be funny if it turns out all the uneducated trolls are the same guy? I would get a kick out of that.

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The story is too old to be commented.