Negative Gamer Review: Sonic Unleashed

NG writes: "Sonic Unleashed is SEGA's latest attempt to make us care about the arrogant blue hedgehog that has been plastered over many sub-par games in his lifetime. They got our attention with new Werehog levels which take us away from the speedy gameplay that we're used to. Instead offering some button mashing platforming.

Sonic Unleashed puts you in control of Sonic and his newly acquired Werehog alter ego (cheers, Eggman) that comes out to play at night. The game sets this up with a gorgeous pre-rendered starting cinematic. This is where we meet "Chip" the annoying as hell brand new character who will be making us cringe with his cliché dialogue and Scooby Doo "air running" sound effects the entire journey. The less said about him the better. He only shows up in cut scenes so he is easy enough to ignore."

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