Street Fighter IV Download Content Detailed

IGN writes:

"If you've been keeping up with our Street Fighter IV coverage, you'll know that the home version has some wild alternate costumes for all the character. Today, thanks to the latest issue of Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine, we now have final details on just how you'll get those costumes."

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TheHater3544d ago

I fricken hate companies that do this to their consumers. The game isn't even out yet, and there is already DLC we have to pay for when the game come out. I know you don't have to buy them, but one my think this contents could have been in the final game. But these companies choose to release it as DLC for a price.
You know what [email protected]#K you Capcom and every other companies that do this to their consumers.

Ninja-Sama3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I completely agree with you. Seems capcom has developed the "let's leave it out of the final game so we can charge for it later" syndrome. Games are already priced @ 60 bucks this is just ridiculously retarded.

What's more if you want to buy all of the costumes you'll have to pay 13 bucks. So essentially you're paying 73 dollars for SF4 if you want the costumes that should have been free and unlockable in the first place.

The only way to respond to this kind of scamming as gamers is to not buy it.

Cwalat3544d ago

couldn't agree more...

what's next?

we have to pay extra 10$ for another ending in RE5?

itagaki3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I think DLC that blatantly would have been included is wrong not to include and charge a fee. However, Home costumes is something that is not part of the game. Furthermore, they might have hired in extra staff to get this content and expecting to sell it at a profit. Furthermore, it is nothing wrong with planning to release content that companies will charge a fee for. It makes perfect sense.

Other than that this is SFIV related clothing, it is unrelated to the game. However, let say it was a costume in game then that practice has been done for a while (horse armor in Oblivion).

If people will stop buying it, they will stop selling it.

pain777pas3543d ago

This is BS sad thing is I'm still thinking about getting them. I love the SF series this is the series that started me wanting to master games.

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Rich16313543d ago

I love it, DLC scheduled release dates before the bloody thing is even out. **** YOU CAPCOM!

Hercules3543d ago

dont see the big deal in SFIV anywho..its just some updated graphics and animations..still the same gameplay...maybe a rent for me..i was never a fighting-game fan though..

wait for it..wait for it

Skerj3543d ago

Got the CE's preordered so I get the costumes anyway sweet. Even though it is bullshit since they're on the disc already.

Jinxstar3543d ago

I got the CE and I'm a huge fan of SF so I will probably be getting everything they throw at me. Including controllers and stuff...

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