WoW Mod Watch: ComeHere's latest weekly mod watch is looking at the Death Knight-specific mod, ComeHere, for World of Warcarft.

When using certain spells, the mod triggers sounds effects and emotes.

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Maticus3596d ago

Lol, it certainly adds some humor to the leveling grind.

syrinx3596d ago

Nice, gonna try this sucka out.

AndyA3596d ago

lol, nice Mortal Kombat sounds.

Leord3596d ago

Ah, brings back memories =)

Leord3596d ago

Hehe, the only problem with using this *sort* of mod is that you can get really annoyed by it after a while. I'd definitely let my "Levicious" try it out =)

Dorjan3596d ago

haha, expand this idea! I love it :D

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