Plugged In Online Review: Prince of Persia

PIO writes: "If the words Prince of Persia bring to mind evil alter egos, slo-mo dismemberments and belligerent bloodletting, then you're in for a surprise. All that dark carnage was featured gameplay of 2005's Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, but the Prince has turned over a new leaf. Now he's battling to bring light back to his ancient homeland rather than dole out grisly slaughter. In fact, as soon as you step forth from the swirling desert sands with Ubisoft's newest Prince of Persia, it's plain to see that he's been rebooted back to a simpler, friendlier version of his swashbuckling self. And his quest has become more user-friendly as well.

That's not to say that the game's hero is an old-fashioned gentleman prince. In fact, sometimes as he chats up his latest damsel in need he sounds a lot like a 21st century wisecracking teen hanging around the local mall and very little like the dust-blown Persian nomad he's supposed to be. But more on that later."

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