Madden Player Licensing Costs EA $35m

A report detailing the income of the NFLPA has shown that the union received payment of over $35m USD from EA for player likenesses in its Madden games in 2007.

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syrinx3547d ago

WoW! Lotta cash but I guess they need the licenses it to keep the fans happy.

Dorjan3547d ago

Do they make up that much cash selling them game!?

Leord3547d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm interested in knowing as well!

resistance1003547d ago

Madden Makes Hundreds of millions. You think with that licence they will use it in a few titles all which will sell well.

I suspect the FIFA licence costs them more however.

StalkingSilence3546d ago

Is this yearly or one-time fee?

They use it for Madden, that new NFL game this year that sucked, and Head Coach

Leord3547d ago

The shape of the right bum is costly indeed!

Maticus3547d ago

I doubt the actual players saw anything back from it.

AndyA3547d ago

Apparently that's the reason Dave Pear posted the report. A lot of the players aren't happy with the way the union spends 'their' money.

thetamer3547d ago

Spread your legs and call me Charlie.

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