Ubisoft's H.A.W.X. Demo Coming to PSN & XBL in Mid-February

PS Lifestyle: "Ubisoft has just informed us (via Twitter) that we will see the demo for Tom Clancy's new air combat franchise, H.A.W.X., in mid-February on the PSN. Ubisoft has been pretty faithful with putting up timely demos for the Tom Clancy franchise up on PSN, so we were happy to see this iteration getting the same treatment."

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StalkingSilence3542d ago

PS3 doesn't seem to have any (unless I am missing something).

And demos are always welcome. I'm sure it will be pretty polished like the other Tom Clancy demos have been.

Forbidden_Darkness3542d ago

Thats good, otherwise this game would have been completely off my radar ;)

StalkingSilence3542d ago

yeah, agreed. some games the demo is risky - high profile games. Games like this pretty much require a demo these days. And I hope they carefully select it because many of us are on the fence and really have to be swayed.

Forbidden_Darkness3542d ago

Yeah, i can only afford so many games, so i must limit to the some of the best, a demo will help me decide, otherwise i wasnt even going to try it out because i hate renting games.

ASSASSYN 36o3542d ago

Same here. I want another flight sim and was going to rent this before I decided.
(And game writers complained about demos LOL!)

NaiNaiNai3542d ago

as much as i was looking forward to the game. Its being done by the same team that did over G fighters. >.> thus this game has a 80% chance of being crap. while im hoping that the other 20% will happen and the game is good.

ASSASSYN 36o3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Flight sims aren't for everyone. I still play my over-g with friends. It is the only game that actually played like a flight sim. Some people can't handle realistic games because it lacks the bullshit flare of 100 missles slung under the wing. And ubisoft published over-g they didn't develop it taito did develop over-g. Ubisoft is developing H.A.W.X.

The H.A.W.X team has also worked with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Center for authenticity coordinator for the H.A.W.X development team that was the same team that worked on over-g I believe you are reffering to. They developed the pretty little pictures that make up the enviorments seen in H.A.W.X. and in over-g. Their contribution was no greater than that for over-g.