Halo Studio on the future of the franchise

Microsoft reckons Halo, its most important first-party franchise, can eventually be as big as sci-fi behemoth Star Wars. Sound like a story beamed in from far, far away? Halo Studio lead producer Jason Pace, a man caught up with at a recent Halo Wars event, is as serious as the Master Chief himself. Read on for a glimpse into the future of one of gaming's most beloved and popular franchises.

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GWAVE3568d ago

I hope this "Halo Studio" doesn't turn the Xbox brand into a one-trick pony. Yes, Sony and Nintendo each have their share of uber-popular brands, but they don't RELY on those brands. Take Gran Turismo from Sony and you still have a dozen others. Take Zelda from Nintendo and you still have a dozen others. Take Halo from Microsoft and you have...what?

Hiruma Youchi3568d ago

"I hope this "Halo Studio" doesn't turn the Xbox brand into a one-trick pony"

1-Liar we all know you dont like the xbox and you're a sony fanboy.

2- From all of the comments I saw you post in the last 3days I can clearly see that you hope the worst for MS

3-You can't compare Sony's Franchise and Nintedo's because they both been here since the 90's and they had time bulding their brands. MS just started to really understand the whole game industry.

4-they have halo , Ninja Gaiden,Dead or Alive ,Splinter Cell ,PGR,PerfectDark,Blue Dragon,Mass Effect , CrackDown,Fable,Forza,Gears,In finite Uniscovery,Kameo,Lost Odyssey,Naruto Rise of Ninja series ,Ninety-Nine Nights,Viva Pinata,

Half-Mafia3568d ago

3 of them games u listed r good, and its not halo.

and all the others r not massive brands.

InMyOpinion3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

The gamertag(WISE_FWOM_YOW_GWAVE) you gave me didn't exist.

JokesOnYou3568d ago

I loved to see more Halo themed long as they make sense and stay true to the Halo Universe, I'm a huge Halo fan but I don't think theres a person on earth who wants to see Master Chief whoring himself out in "Halo Cart".


pwnsause3568d ago

-Ninja Gaiden,
-Dead or Alive
-Splinter Cell
-Naruto Rise of Ninja series

These games you just mentioned are from 3rd party companies. these games can go multiplatform in a NY minute.

GWAVE3568d ago

@ Hiruma

I hate Microsoft, but that doesn't mean I hate the 360's games. As a gamer, that would be silly. I own a 360, by the way, even though I prefer the PS3. I guess it's easier to write someone off as a "fanboy" than to face the facts and respond to their comment, huh?

@ Jenzo

Try WISE_FWOM_YOW_G then. Like I said, I'm no longer a Live member so I'm not sure if that will affect my tag. Can't say I'm surprised that you checked just to see if you could level some ammunition against me. ;^)

InMyOpinion3568d ago

Nah, I just had a feeling you were full of sh!t. That gamertag didn't exist either. You don't remember the name of your gamertag that you see everytime you boot up your 360? C'mon dude...

GWAVE3568d ago

@ Jenzo

Considering that I left Live mid-June last year, considering that my gamertag was different than my PSN and various PC tags, and considering that I haven't connected my 360 to the internet since....mid-June last year, you'll accept my "pardon me" for not remembering it. It was something like WISE_FWOM_YOW_G.

But I really don't owe you any explanation. I'm giving it as a courtesy. Even if you DID find my gamertag, it's not going to change your perception that I'm some sort of raging Sony fanboy, so why even bother?

Dark_Vendetta3568d ago

sorry but there's something wrong. It doesn't matter how long ago you connected to live with your gamertag, you can't "forget" it if you turn on your 360 (and don't tell me you did it the last time half a year ago), because it's one of the first things you see when trying to play a game (as stated above). You don't have a 360

GWAVE3568d ago

@ Dark_Vendetta

Erm, nice detective work there, but my new gamertag is Goodblock. The 360 I used to have got the wonderful RRoD so MS sent me a refurbed model. It's pathetic how people are trying to discredit what I say based on whether or not I have a 360. Any other brilliant deductions?

Man_of_the_year3568d ago

When you send in your xbox because you got the RROD - you are informed that you need to unhook your HDD and keep it - that is what stores your gamertag info and game saves - when you reconnect it you are then presented with your gamertag info. The console that the HDD has nothing to do with changing your gamertag as the info is stored onto your HDD. Also your gamertag is attached to your .passport so you can pull it up buy putting in your passport info.

You are full of lies. U thought you could outsmart them but you just kept digging a bigger whole.

There is no way you could have a) forgotten it b) needed a new one because you received a referbished 360 and c)not be able to reactivate it using your .passport.

socomnick3568d ago

Yea its safe to assume gwave has never had a 360. Thats the main difference between ps3 and xbox fanboys. Ps3 fanboys usually only own a ps3. While xbox fanboys own both.

No Way3568d ago

Stop trying.. Ha.

They obviously proved you wrong, what, three(3) or four(4) times now? Ha.
Sorry, but it also seems to me that your full of sh!t.

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Microsoft are so arrogant...

redbadger3568d ago

Does anyone care about this?

InMyOpinion3568d ago

I do, cause I think Halo is awesome.

Tony P3568d ago

Well, yes actually since it's not another opinion piece. It's actually news and new information.

ChampIDC3568d ago

Halo has a lot of potential in its universe. I think they still have a lot they could do with it, such as a Ghost Recon style game with marines.

Also, I'd like to see a game that makes Master Chief as hardcore in gameplay as he is in cutscenes. Probably need a third-person game for that, though.

They definitley need to dump the current gameplay. It feels so last gen. Worked great on the Xbox, but the 360 can do so much more than that old machine.

MURKERR3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

.. seriously i hope they dont rinse and ruin the great franchise ironically look what happened to star wars

InMyOpinion3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Halo and Half-Life are the best fps series of all time.

LeonSKennedy4Life3568d ago

If you EVER say Halo comes anywhere close to Half-life again...

...I will personally destroy your Xbox.

That's a promise.

Half-Mafia3568d ago

how the hell can u compare half life to halo, that like comparing mario kart to GT lmao.

halo is such a crap game and i cant believe people buy it. i must admit i did buy it cause of the stupid hype but never started the singleplayer and only played about 4 hours of online which is rubbished compared to ther FPS games

JokesOnYou3568d ago

Halo and HL just about made me into a huge console FPS fan, right now I would say Halo3 and COD4 are the two best shooters I have played this gen....and yes I have played them ALL.


InMyOpinion3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I'm not comparing them, I just think they are the best fps series ever made.

@JokesOnYou - I love COD4 in multiplayer, but the enemy AI in the single player campaign is weak as hell. Scripted enemies who keep spawning until you move forward.

somekindofmike3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Sorry but Halo and Half Life are not even in the same league as each other. They aren't even similar sorts of games.

Half Life is an epic single player experience, Halo3 is mainly a multiplayer game.

Half Life could be argued as the best FPS series of all time, but Halo for me personally doesn't match up! in fact I personally struggle to think of anything which compares to Half Life's quality. COD4 is the next closest thing, but Call of Duty as a series is let down by COD3 and COD5.

EDIT... I realise they aren't the same games, I mean they aren't in the same league quality wise. (in my opinion Halo doesn't compare)

L-a-i-n3568d ago

He was not comparing them to each other he just said they the best FPS ever made.

UnwanteDreamz3568d ago

I wont disagree because the following these games have has to mean something. I will say however that any fan of this series should pray it does not go the way of Star Wars. Great for the people making games and toys but bad for fans of what is hailed as one of the best FPS ever.

I mean how many of the last 10 Star Wars games were must haves? As much as you guys support Halo you should be wary of oversaturation.

Just my 2 cents in all honesty the devs seem to care what you guys think and that is a good thing. It is the mindless corperate suits that you have to watch out for. As a gamer I have seen more than one of my favorites whor*d out for profits.

ChampIDC3568d ago

My thoughts exactly, bud. Bubbles up.

Halo definiltey needs to only put out strong games to not become a dry series. I see nothing wrong with waiting years between the games for a quality product.

No Way3568d ago

Who's comparing? He said they were the best. No comparision.

@LeonSKennedy4Life - Halo has your panties up ina bunch, doesn't it?

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