Bargain Bin: GameCube Edition

The best deals for those fiscally conscious Wii owners that missed the best the GameCube had to offer.

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Viewtiful3543d ago

There are some CUH-LASSICS on this list. Some of my favorite games of all time. It's a shame I already own them lol so I can't get too excited about low prices.

ihaten4glol3543d ago

Same here. I already own a good majority of the list, but if you've never experienced some of these games now's a good time, seeing those prices.

italianbreadman3543d ago

Good old GameCube and its awesome games. Funny how Wii software kinda sucks in comparison, but is the biggest success of this gen. 0_o

cain1413543d ago

The gamecube never really took off all the way...

Ps2 dominated...

stewie328873543d ago

For some reason the PS2 comment reminded me of way back when I first read about the Gamecube and it was going to be called the Dolphin...

Lol, kind of like the way the Wii was originally supposed to be the Revolution.

Completely off topic, I apologize. :)

stewie328873543d ago

It amazes me how cheap Gamecube stuff is nowadays. It was such a superior system in terms of the games it got as compared to the Wii and you can find a console nowadays for around 40 bucks. I still have mine simply because I wasn't going to take ten bucks for it from Gamestop.

Hmm... on second look I should have included Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. It was such a cool game and it still blows my mind how good it looks. The Battle of Endor as a dream come true.