XboxInsider - Halo Wars Demo Impressions

Maul of XboxInsider writes:

"I was one of the very lucky few who got a chance to play the Halo Wars alpha way back last year, and I am finally un-embargoed, but guess what? I have also played the Halo Wars demo early, so want my impressions? Get them after the jump!"

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beast3547d ago

We are now geting exclusive reviews of the DEMOS. [face_plain]

JokesOnYou3547d ago

It seems this guy really loved this game and from everything that I've read the controls are very good.

"Halo Wars is without a doubt, the best strategy game I have ever played. I was a massive command and conquer fan, Black and White fan, Civilisation and the likes. Halo Wars, the controls work perfectly and are easy to grasp, all the doubters who didn’t think it would work, let me assure you, the Halo universe works perfectly in sync as an RTS. Even if you don’t want to call it the best strategy game of all time, not one single person will be able to exclaim that it isn’t the best one on console."

-I don't know how much I trust an "xboxinsider" preview but lets just hope he's right.


Vecta3547d ago

Well as long as Ensemble pulled off the a console control scheme it should hopefully be good. Don't know about it being the best RTS ever as he seems to believe it to be but ill reserve judgment till I have had a try of it at least.

Why dis3547d ago

So you won't be getting this? LMAO.

GWAVE3547d ago

From what I've been hearing, the controls are awesome, which is the sole thing I wanted to hear about this game. Not the biggest fan of Halo, but I'm willing to try out a console RTS since those haven't done very well so far. I might pick it up and give it a chance. With Dawn of War II coming up and good ol' Sins of a Solar Empire still sitting in my disk drive, it's a good time to be an RTS gamer.

Dread3547d ago

surprised to hear a non fanboy comment from u.

perhaps i was wrong and u r a gamer after all.

on point i was also worried about the controls, but if this guy is right then color me super excited. I already pre-ordered the game


edgeofblade3547d ago

Dread, everyone is a gamer. There is no such thing as a "true gamer".

Odds are, someone thinks you aren't a true gamer.

Dread3547d ago

good point

but what i meant was someone who is a gamer first and a fan of a console second. Unfortunately lately it has been very hard to pin point who is who.. specially in the N4G forums which have become a cest pool of rabid fanboys


OmarJA3547d ago

Poor Ensemble Studio... :(

Jerk1203547d ago

Hit the road, jackass.

Foxgod3547d ago

Not poor, two new studio's formed, so it was a reorganization.

killzone2flop3547d ago

Day one Purchase even though i've never played a RTS game ever i'm willing to try it out for the first time also to support the Developers.

peeps3547d ago

well if he reckons it's the best rts he's played i'm certainly looking foward to it with me being a massive rts fan haha. untill now videos etc haven't really done anything for me though but looking frwd to checking out the demo and seeing how it plays. Hope the control scheme works really well because i wasn't a big fan of c&c3's which is why i got it on pc (which i'd get this on if i could anyway)

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