Game Debate to the Death! Mass Effect vs. Assassin's Creed

Destructoid writes:

"Now it's time to continue the console-by-console odd debate tournament series into the Xbox 360 library of games. This week we have two games that both have plenty of story and gameplay backing them, but each with completely different styles and settings. One takes places out in space with guns and aliens of the future, while the other reaches back in time and explores the Middle Ages with melee combat and stealthy controls."

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CertifiedGamer3596d ago

I played mass effect on my friends 360 and that game was worth the time I spend on it.
Assasin creed sucked with a wack cliff hanger

mintaro3596d ago

This isn't even close, Mass Effect destroys Assassins Creed. The repetitive nature of Assassins Creed was a real letdown, considering all the the hype.

PS360WII3596d ago

Repetitive nature of exploring non main story worlds with all the same items/bunkers/enemy type encounters? I agree that ME is a much better game than Assassins Creed but Mass Effect has plenty of boring repetition

mintaro3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

You're right on the side missions, but I guess everything can be considered repetitive by point of view. In the case of Assassins Creed, it did everything around the story so well (free running, animation, etc..) that the repetitiveness of the 6 mission types you get really stood out.

PS360WII3596d ago

haha yeah. Assassins Creed seems like a 2 hour game that was stretched out for 18 0.o