E3 retooling: Is it for the better?

TGS writes: "All over the internet gamers are getting excited. E3 is back to its old format this year with giant booths, scantily clad women and who knows what else. The promise of the glitz and glamour of old even managed to coax back Activision, who along with Blizzard was missing from last year's show. Forums are blowing up and people are excited to see E3 return to its former glory, but in the back of my head is the nagging question. Why?"

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coolfool3543d ago

E3 isn't just about the games, it's about the buzz and excitement that gets created with it. Even if we don't attend the show we still like hearing about the up and coming games, seeing the booth girls, seeing what the big companies are willing to do to get my money etc.

I for one am definitely happy that it's back.

Elven63543d ago

At a time when classic conventions in all industries are shutting down E3 doing its best to see another day definitely isn't a bad thing.

Sarick3543d ago

This is rare.

In this time the world's economy isn't the best, but they do this and it excites the industry to spend. Hope it'll be better then the previous boring E3's