Killzone 2 Review by Portal dos Games (Brazil)

The Reviewer Writes:

"In essence Killzone 2 is a game of shooting raw and hard, where the action frantic and violent prevails every corner, every space, every time. Transports the player to a fight against an evil force, where the thirst for revenge overcomes the force of life. This is the people of Helghan, the Helghast. The reason the attack humans, it is more an excuse to control the species, and after the defeat in Vekta, the Helghast are forced to retreat to their planet, Helghan. So this second version of Killzone 2 is actually the continuation of the history of battles between the humans and the Helghast."

The review ends with:

"Killzone 2 is now without a shadow of a doubt the highest expression level of a project in the area of games for PS3. A fantastic game, safe, consistent and above all brilliant in their execution. A game must for all lovers of art, especially those eager to experience rapture, where the different senses are put to test."

Review Summary:

Presentation: 10.0
Gameplay: 9.5
Graphics: 10.0
Sound: 10.0

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Sasanova3640d ago

exactly what every review should have. presentation is a 10, but these garbage journalists are afraid to give it a 10. nitpick the graphics so they dont give it a 10 when its clearly the best graphics on console and only outdone by 1 PC game. sound is a 7.1 surround sound, perfection nontheless, minus the dialogue but how that goes into the sound is beyond me. if you played the beta, you know its fun as hell.

will113640d ago

Look at this video for all weapons in online play of Killzone 2.

Sitdown3640d ago

what is up with that video? That is so random...seems like something Peter Griffin would say and then post.

newneto3640d ago

I hope the importers bring this game to Brazil ASAP. We hope to receive the first copies on early March. The Brazilians will pay around $125 USD for this game on local stores.

If I dont travel overseas soon, I will get for $125 bucks anyway. It is a great game!

SupaPlaya3640d ago

about Brazil. My favorites are Brazilian

1) Women
2) Women
3) Women

and then of course, soccer :)

Alexious3640d ago

Nice review. Keep them going. What was that lame Xbot saying? "The average score of this game will fall down".....

Yeah, right.

onomix3640d ago

I don't want to be mean, but what is the point? They could just have given it a 10/10? Or they could remove some more points so it would be like 9.6? Bullshit. These scores make me mad, I mean come on. 0.1% from 10/10? Give me a break. Either you give it a 10/10 or remove more points. Assholes...

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The story is too old to be commented.