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By Flávio Croffi

The return of a classic

Already imagined how the world would be in a little over 270 years in the future? Because your imagination can make wings in Fallout 3, the new title of Bethesda Softworks. This title follows the line of the free world known as RPG Fallout, which also had its success marked the second game of the series, produced especially for PC extinct by Interplay and Black Isle Studios 10 years ago.
This time the game comes in versions for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, showing a wide range of innovations to the series, using the potential of new platforms.

Where we have the back of a great series like this, it is quite common fans are animals, but there is suspicion that it is in fact a surrender of the main qualities that led to past success, or simply holding the name of a weight a game of limited quality, just to make money. In this case could not be different, even more for having moved to a studio other than the developer who created Fallout and today no longer exists, however, the case of Bethesda, recognized by a large experience in the RPG genre with the success The Elder Scrolls, the expectation was enormous.

Review Summary

Graphics: 4 stars
Gameplay: 4 stars
Entertainment: 4 stars
Sound: 4 stars
AI: 3 stars

Overal: 7.9

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