Stop The Resident Evil 5 Hate

"I will admit it; I was disappointed in the controls for the Resident Evil 5 demo. But after you get passed all that and give it another chance, the game is phenomenal."

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Chris3993546d ago

Let's see if they fix it.

In any event, I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi, but blog posts are NOT journalistic pieces.

This type of article embodies everything that is wrong with our media.

Pure opinion, not even written correctly.

Nick2120043546d ago

So you would consider IGN "real" gaming journalists?

GrieverSoul3546d ago

Well, even gaming sites reviewers are just giving their opinion!
Professional journalist reviewers on gaming, cooking, fashion, sports are all but an opinators (??? ;)! If we where a zombie and follow commands then we would all dress purple and eat vegetables! Thank god opinions exist and we are free to have one.

Chris3993546d ago

All we really have is IGN and X-Play in terms of mainstream media. That's pretty sad, by anyone's estimation.

Sure, we are all entitled to our opinion - that's what blogs/ forums/ N4G are for.

How many of us are QUALIFIED to give our opinion professionally? That's the question.

And so long as we keep giving blogs and forum posts credibility as actual reporting, we will never move into the realm of mainstream media - which carries it's own negatives and positives, I'm aware. (But still is better than 14 y/o Johnny writing a blurb on why KZ2 > Halo or Halo > KZ2 and getting it published on N4G then used as a reference by some idiot broadcaster on NBC.)

Nick2120043546d ago

If you guys consider IGN,GameSpot,Gametrailers,etc as "true" gaming blogs, you have not researched this enough. These companies get paid to put out "their" opinion and "their" reviews. For example, Microsoft might go to IGN and say we will pay you X amount to give this game a 9.5-10. If the money is right, IGN will put that score on it and treat it as an amazing game even if it isnt. Blogs like this give their true and honest opinions and do not feed into the crap sites like IGN do.

nix3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

when LAIR came out everybody screamed that the control sucks and deducted points. but RE5 suddenly is "special".

the damn guy walks like a tank. camera angle makes it even worse. "square to jump" lol... that really did it. lets not even get to the knife.

the game has changed from horror to action and so should the controls and the agility. look at MGS4, and how it evolved from earlier versions.

Mr_Bun3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Couldn't agree more...the game is built like a 3rd person shooter but the controls are not, plain and simple.

I love when these articles tell us how we are supposed to rate the game..."If you think the game sucks, you must be looking at all the wrong details...if your opinion differs from mine, you must be wrong"

GWAVE3545d ago

No, he meant "passed" in the sense that he wants everyone to give the game a free "pass" because he can't bear to see his favorite dripping-with-nostalgia franchise get a negative opinion slung against it.

Dark Collosis3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I am so sick of the fanboys on this site bad mouthing this game.. MOST OF ALL fans like NIX comparing a WORTHLESS IP like LAIR's controls to a PROVEN great RE4 controls..

This demo was fantastic not to mention having some of the BEST graphics, and yes i have seen much of KZ2.. And only a leg humper would think differently. Mainly because its been said that it looks better on the 360.. If this was a PS3 EXCLUSIVE you guys would be SCREAMING about it only being possible on the PS3.. Go ahead and deny it but we all know its true.

About the controls again and i have played the DEMO several times. I must say it took a few to get used to it, BUT it reminded me why this game is so GREAT. For example the first time i saw the guy with the chainsaw i stood there shooting at him trying to stop him dead in his tracks with no prevail.. Only to get a chainsaw right upside my head to remind me that HEY i better move or be alittle more flexible than just standing there shooting..

The next time i was much more into the game shooting and moving, shooting again and moving all while more and more zombie came at me too, and then it really hit me. This is also one of the things that makes this game so exciting. THIS isnt Left 4 Dead nor Dead Space people and to be honest i dont want it to be. Taking away the fact that you cant move even alittle while shooting only makes this game that much more easier and less intense imo.

SL1M DADDY3545d ago

To the author of the article - Shut the heck up - I will hate on any game I want if it does not do what I want it to do. Now, in context to RE5, I do not hate it but I hate that they (the developers) are stuck in last gen. For me it feels like they spent too much time converting RE4 to the Wii and could have used an update to the controls for RE5 that would usher it into the current gen.

RE5 wants to be two things at once and does not do them both well. You cannot be an action shooter and a horror survival shooter at one time. Be one or the other. Siren was the horror survival game as well as Dead Space. If Capcom wants to see the RE series go action then by all means, go all action but don't try and be survival horror by way of gimping the controls and then placing the player in an environment that is not really all that scary.

Just MHO.

nix3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

thanks mate... for knighting me as a "fanboy". i've been in this site for more than two years and was dying to be honoured as a "fanboy" because i was really jealous of the other fanboys' successes like mart/pp/bloodmask/pog. looks like finally i'm going to sleep in peace tonight.

now coming to the part about RE5. yes the controls suck. it may have worked on RE4 but not in today's world. the game has moved from horror genre to action already (in case if you haven't noticed it already) which means the game has become faster. which in turn should make the character move/act faster. that's my only gripe.

like i said below, it's a lost opportunity. the game looks great and i wanted to buy it but i can't get over the control. too bad. i'm happy that you loved it and how you discovered that it's a great game. enjoy!

and ahem... if this was a PS3 exclusive, the whole darn media would be picking on it by now. you very well know how it works, so don't bring the "if it was exclusive" reason here.

Aquanox3545d ago

I fell that most of the hate comes from how many nerves RE5 is hitting in Sony fans. Yes, Xbox fans also complain about the controls but not to the level to totally bury this great game.

First of all, its visuals compete head to head to the insanely hyped (for visuals) Killzone 2. Who doesn't want to have the definitive title exclusively?

Then you have a superb coop implementation, some of the best for this generation, something almost mandatory these days but that some "other" games... lack.

In addition, extremely positive reviews threaten to make RE5 the highest reviewed game of this month, and probably make it able to compete head to head in terms of sales as well.

If this wasn't enough, the recent comparisons from both versions, showing the that Xbox 360's was the superior one (on the technical side) has turned this game into the Anti-Christ to the eyes of the most fanatic Sony guys.

Dark Collosis3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

This comment is nothing but ridiculous and shows your fanyboyish colors mate. QUOTE "" lol @ journalism. "passed"? how come LAIR never got such chances?
when LAIR came out everybody screamed that the control sucks and deducted points. but RE5 suddenly is "special". ""

YOU are directly comparing a FAILED experiment called LAIR controls to an AWARD wining in GAME CONTROLS game called Resident Evil 4.. YOU my friend FAIL at being unbiased. For whatever your reasons are less than "sony" being the supposed hate child for journalist and getting supposed biased reviews. You are a FANBOY.. Sorry it took so long for someone to point it out to you.

@ Aquanox i agree completely.

@Nix below me.... Man those sony flags of yours are flying high today arent they? Obviously Aquanox was dead on and it hit that little sony nerve of yours..

Yet again you fail what make anyone think LAIR deserved a second chance on controls? Did it have a game prior with the same controls that REVOLUTIONIZED gaming on next GEN consoles?? I rest my case fanboy.

@dark witness how sad of a life you must lead to consider any forum posting fanboy a legend in any book.....

nix3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

yeah.. "we" sony fanboys are complaing more because MAYBE the fact could be that WE have a TRUE next gen console AND want this game to run like a TRUE next gen game. obviously this game suits the 360 because it's last gen and it's slow so that 360's processor can keep pace with the game.

// i know mine was an idiotic comment but an idiotic comment deserves an idiotic comment. god.. i should stop replying to them so often, i might become one of them. a zombie. lol q: //

@Dark_collosis (above): dude.. i'm only questioning the "journalistic" integrity here.. my stand was: how come no one came up and said - "ok.. let's give it a second chance" before shredding it into pieces? look at RE5, so many people are complaining about it. if there are so many of them and three or four articles in one day.. then there MUST be a problem. how about you looking at it like that?

as i said before, if you liked it, fine, go spend your money on it and enjoy the game. and all the best on the controls.

DARK WITNESS3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

@ nix

thank you... you are a legend in my book. bubble to you.

very good points pointed out, you know you have got under someones skin when they start accusing you in a fanboy rant about you being a fanboy. lol

oh, and can i just add, i have both systems and won't be getting this game on either. I know loads of 360 owners who are not getting this game and don't care for it.

its not a conspiracy, its just a letdown for some gamers on both systems. its as simple as that.

@Dark Collosis... lol ... wow , actually i just like Nix for calling it as he see's it, thats all.

now about the sad life bit... lollololol, well the personal attack says it all. you enjoy that great life you are having dude. lol

nix3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

lol.. yeah.. just playing with their "brains". it kinda destresses me.

darn.. using PS3 browser and debating at N4G is really tough. i don't know why there's a limit when it comes to number of characters. my PC is down.

@dark collosis (above) ok... dude.. then enjoy your "revolutionised" controls. and there's a difference between LAIR's controls and RE5 controls. the case is: GAMERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT RE5 controls unlike LAIR where media was complaining about LAIR's control. so all i was saying was why didn't the media give it a "second chance"? it's one game getting a chance and other one not. that's was my point from the beginning but you made it a fanboy comment.

and please before you make comment about my reply to Aqua just read what i wrote in the next para.

@esonab (below): good point there buddy.

esonab3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Why do people keep using the success of RE4 to argue in favor of the controls? Why shouldn't gamers expect more from developers this generation? RE4 was a good game when it came out several years ago on the gamecube, am I the only one who holds PS3 and 360 games to higher standards? This whole "awkward controls = suspense" mentality is ass backwards


Kaneda3545d ago

stop making half a$$ game and selling for $60 bucks..

Violater3545d ago

No this again.
Trying to defend the archaic controls of RE5 is just laughable.
One more thing your site get no hits from me.

Tarasque3545d ago

Sorry can't get pass the controls............Dreadful just dreadful.

Dareaver13545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I enjoyed the demo, because of the graphics, the co-op, and the furthering of the story, but not because of the controls.

I'm sorry, but in a post DeadSpace gaming era, there are no excuses for those out dated controls. The fact that you have to do inventory management in realtime is ridiculous because the character movements are so slow.

The assisting with the co-op was done great, hit B to heal them, but when you have to exchange ammo, it's crazy. Pull up the menu, close the menu, and run, then try pulling up the menu again select the item, uh oh zombie coming, close menu, shoot zombie, then pull up menu again.... Can you see the frustration, it's thick enough that you can see it steaming from the top of my head....

DeadSpace had a brilliant control scheme, great atmosphere and tension.

Frustration does not help build tension. And that's what the current RE5 controls are, frustrating. they can do better, it's like they are trying to ignore the progress gaming has made because they didn't do it first. I predict this game being a disappointment to many gamers if they don't change.

I mean seriously, your telling me that i can not aim and walk at the same time. That's laughable.

No one is asking Capcom to make this a run and gun game, Deadspace wasn't a run and gun game, just make the controls more intuitive. Immerse the player, not distance them.

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GrieverSoul3546d ago

Everybody complains about the controls with myself included. But, as a long time RE fan, I will suffer the adaptation and play the game. I know I will get used to the controls and I will enjoy the game. I always liked the RE plots (even though they are somewhat predictable). I wanna know Wesker part in all of this! XD

The thing that really strikes me is the disapparing zombies! I shoot them and not even a bullet hole mark! They die and... dissolve? I mean, cmon! Last gen we saw that but now?! I hate to bring up Dead Space again but at least leave pieces of the bodies or something! If we clear a room and come back, if the bodies are gone we wont complain! ´´-Maybe someone took´em!`` Now shooting zombies and watching them dissolve is just... awkward!

MGOelite3546d ago

i agree totally with the zombie disolve thing, its the exact same animation from RE4

Nick2120043546d ago

That is exactly what the article talks about. Most Resident Evil fans will still enjoy the game and if you are new to the franchis, get used to the controls before you complain.

games4fun3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

i was a resident evil fan till 4 came out, then i decided 4 was still a good game because they made it action/survival, but if you can't keep up with the controls of action games then you just have an unwieldy mess.

Edit: if you take away the nostolgia of re and this was a new ip we would all say it sucks guaranteed.

ChampIDC3545d ago

I'm sure the atmosphere and story will be really entertaining for sure. Capcom knows how to get that right. I'm buying it just for that and the co-op. I just wish they'd get with the times on the controls.

wollie3545d ago

This game is awesome. I don't understand all the hate on its controls... RE4 was one of the greatest games of all time and adding co-op is brilliant. Sharing ammo and healing items with a friend in real time is exhilarating. I've played dead space and that was great, but it doesn't mean all games have to be that way. I understand that the demo was hard (I died so much) but its not the control's fault its yours (mine).

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killzone2flop3546d ago

Only ones complaining are ps3 droids also the reason why their upset could be because RE5 is getting better Reviews than that over hyped game which i won't mention.

Nick2120043546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

This would be FALSE because I hear just as many 360 owners complaining. Most of the fuss is due to not being able to shoot and walk at the same time.

onomix3545d ago

Some of the droids are even comparing RE5 to KZ2, and they cried when RE5 got 5/5 from the magazine which gave KIllzone 2 a 4/5. I prefer PS3 over 360, but I just dislike the PS3 fanboys.

ReTarDedFisHy3545d ago

"it's getting"
What are there, like 2 reviews? What the hell?

Which magazine is that?
The only mag I know of that gave RE5 a rating is OPM which also gave KZ2 a 5/5. But yeah, enlighten me so I can call the magazine biased (haha jk :P)

nycredude3545d ago

Are you serious. Why don't you post some links to the reviews you are talking about. You also fail for pretending to be a ps3 fan and yet using the word droids. The only thing worse than a fanboy is a fanboy who don't have the balls to admit his/her color. A coward fanboy.

Aquanox3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

If you check the Xbox boards, everybody is loving RE5 and those who doesn't only complain about the controls (because many are new in the genre) but once they get pass it, it's very common to see the coming back with updated impression, which describe the game, basically as phenomenal.

Those who don't cut it some lack are Sony fan-(boys?) who seem to simply not being able to admit Killzone 2 has some serious competition this month, including visuals (which is the most hyped aspect of KZ2)

Things became worse when the Xbox 360 vs PS3 shots appeared, showing how much better the Xbox 360 version looks.

For what I have seen, Resident Evil looks like an extremely promising title - and first reviews confirm this - where the controls might be difficult to get used to for shoot and run guys, it's only matter of giving it a try to see how good it works for a survival title.

By the way, the coop implementation is also superb, something that seems to be also hitting a nerve... ... ...

nix3545d ago

i've already replied to your same comment in gamerzone. if i knew that you were makin the same comment here, i would have replied you here without giving the explaination.

UnwanteDreamz3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

LOL at any stupid SOB who uses words like "PS3droid". What are you like fuc*ing 5 years old?

"Im not a fan boy its thoses damn PS3 droids/tards/insert childish made up name".

You guys are a joke. I have played as many RE games as I could get my hands on and I can safley say this is a dissapointment so far. Not because of the controls but because of the camera and poor enemy AI. This is supposed to be next gen but all it is is RE4 with prettier graphics and co-op. I wont pass judgement on the final game because we havent played it but any true fan of this series knows it is no longer survival horror. I beat both sections of that demo first time around. I expect more from this series after RE4.

One more thing, comparing this to an FPS is stupid.

@ KZ2flop you mention that game everytime you post its in your name. Wow but your not a "fanboy" right?

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KAEM73545d ago

Either way i do believe RE5 will be great, regardless of the 'nostalgic' controls...

But it simply IS a missed oppertunity to make a truly great game for the hardcore and the masses.

I would think it would be great to make the controls a bit more fluid. walking (slowly) while aiming/ shooting/ knifing would make a big difference. Mutiple knife atacks would have been nice too.

They should also check the realism, hom can a punch or kick be more devastating than a bullit to the head?! Also it simply is retarded that they can leap distances and lunge for attacks when a zombie is on his knee or when the partner needs help, and on the other hand they're like a turret when you want to knife someone...

With these extra skills, ofcourse the zombies should get more agressive too.

I get the "it adds to the suspense" argument. But still they can improve the controls and realism and still stay true to the RE legacy.

Hope the partner AI gets some improvement too.

nix3545d ago

i agree... it's a missed opportunity. i found the graphics really good. but aiming, camera, knifing and the squar button to "jump" really did it to me. i somehow finished the demo but that was because i knew it was going to be short. i can't carry myself like a tank in full game.

in short, i would have bought it... if it wasn't for the controls. and like someone said - "the only horror on this game is the control".

divideby03545d ago

how about they FIX it vs telling gamers who dont like it to like it
another lame article.....