Hands Down, The Best Dead Rising Wii Screenshot

From Kotaku:

"Um. Okay. Yeah. New Dead Rising Chop 'Til You Drop screens show just how the game makes good use of the Nintendo Wii's waggle controls. We posted it here for posterity. Enjoy!"

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Pootie Tang3640d ago

Sweet lol

I loved this game but man does the Wii version look like crap!
I guess i can understand Capcom cashing in but this is just terrible, plus they had to remove the whole camera aspect too

UnwanteDreamz3640d ago

I just cant get over how much it looks like a 2nd year PS2 game.

Voiceofreason3640d ago

Game looked like crap on 360.. Where you really expecting MGS4 on Wii? Of course not so stop trolling. 2 things for you trolls. 1 screen shots are a poor way to judge the graphics of any game. 2 There is more to a game than just the art style and presentation. Which is what you guys are looking at and nothing else. Sure this game could have been on PS2.. At 10FPS...

Realgamer233640d ago

Look more like a n64 game to me

N4g_null3640d ago

It's funny how TvsC and monster hunter just blows this game away. I blame the developer or the guy in charge, isn't this the same guy that made lost planet? Seriously You could hand him over a half eaten sandwich for your finished in game model.

So far this is the game that shows who is actually a good console director. Man I forget this guys name but seriously some one replace him. Even res evil 4 looked and played better.