Valve laughs off Left 4 Dead PS3

Valve has brushed off new rumours (again) of a PS3 version of Left 4 Dead, sparked by a rather decisive listing on a UK retailer website.

With not just a PS3 version listed, but a release date of June 5, EA down as the label and even the ability to pre-order the game right now, HMV seems pretty sure it's happening. More than an easily-missed typo-o, anyway.

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Johnny Rotten3541d ago

And 21 million AND GROWING potential customers say "oh well".

acedoh3541d ago

some fear games like this coming to the PS3... As if their whole life will be endangered by exclusives becoming multiplat. Life does go on and I am sure this game will see light of day on the PS3. These companies are here to make money and when they see the chance at another million or more sales they know that it's inevitable that it's going to happen. The PS3 is not a risky console to put games on. Considering just in 2008 they had over a dozen games that hit at least a million. Most developers know the PS3 is a money maker...

HolyOrangeCows3541d ago

HOWEVER, despite the headlines, I think they are more laughing off the retailer who falsely posted the Left 4 Dead Ps3 on their site.

But I'd bet my Left foot that it will someday get itself a port from EA.

Rampant3541d ago

all of those customers already play it on pc, except for the ones that own both 360/ps3? At least that's what I'm being told.

edhe3541d ago

but but but - don't all ps3 users also have a pc so they can still play MS 'exclusives' ?

somekindofmike3541d ago

@ solidt12

Some would rather not give there money to MS for a bad product, that's why I have a PS3 and an Apple Mac (that and I have to use Mac for work)

I avoid all MS products like the plague!

3541d ago
somekindofmike3541d ago

@ Beware Oblivion

I have a PS3, no 360 and I am not fuming over this not getting released!

admittedly I haven't played it, given the chance I would definitely give it a go! It's just a case of so many great games out at the moment that I'm not going to get upset or begrudge the 360 if it gets an exclusive title I don't get! That's life!

Is it really up there with the great multiplayer games this gen? will it compete with COD4 which a year on I still play regularly! not many games now a days provide that much reply value, and if it was up there with COD4 I definitely get it, that is if it was to ever was hop across to the PS3 side of life. if not I will just have to find some way to survive!

Mindboggle3541d ago

I hate the way valve act like they have made the best game ever and it doesnt deserve to be on the PS3 and that people are begging at their knees to put it on PS3.

The reality is its just CS source with zombies. Its an average game which isnt any better than the FPS PS3 already has. I have the game on PC so im not fussed either way, I just dont like Valve's arrogance.

3541d ago
GWAVE3541d ago

I love Valve's games, but I have no respect for their attitude. Left 4 Dead wasn't all that great. If they had given out more than 3 hours worth of game content and upped the textures, I might be more interested in it coming to the PS3, but if you want co-op look no further than Resistance 2 (where the enemies DON'T disappear 2 seconds after you kill them...)

bigman73873541d ago

I have both 360 and PS3 and I couldn't care less about this game. Yea, it's a decent shooter, and from what I've played of it (the co-op demo with 3 friends) its seems pretty solid. But if I wanted it bad enough, I would have bought it. But I didn't.

Would I care if Valve released it on PS3? Nope. Remember when Valve released The Orange Box on PS3 and it had the worst lag I've ever seen for an online game (TF2) and some of the most annoying framerate drops I've ever seen (HL2: E2).

Mindboggle is right, Valve does act extremely arrogant when it comes to the PS3. They scoff at anyone who owns a PS3 and turn their collective nose up.

SL1M DADDY3541d ago

But, but, but... If the games are out on the PC wouldn't that mean that they are not Xbox 360 exclusive?

*doe stare*

somekindofmike3541d ago

I agree that Valves attitude towards PS3 stinks, they have a complete lack of professionalism. It's alright to choose a platform and go with it, but to publicly talk down a competing platform is just childish.

It's just sad because as a PS3 owner I hope I don't miss out on Half Life 2 Episode 3, although with Valve's development cycles it probably won't be out until next gen :)

As a gamer in principle I would be more than happy for all games to be multiplatform, although there definitely is a quality difference when games are exclusive and I would miss that.

Reeperdotcom3541d ago

sorry to burst your bubble but Valve did not work on the ps3 version of Orange Box, EA did. And the reason that Valve "scoffs" at the ps3 is because they have told Sony multiple times that their hardware was hard to program for but did Sony listen to Valve...actually did Sony listen to any of the developers that complained? I do agree that Valve acts like a child when it comes to the PS3 but they have some merit when it comes to not wanting to develop for the PS3. Frankly, I hope the PS3 gets L4D, it is one hell of a multiplayer game!

bigman73873541d ago

You're right it was EA who ported the Orange Box. I was wrong.

But I still can't wrap my head around a company (Valve) who is supposed to be one of the best in the business that is completely ignoring almost 1/3 of the gaming population. It's like if Toyota decided to stop making cars for Europe. Would it make any sense for them to do that? And would you accept the excuse that "It's too hard" when many other car companies can make cars for Europe just fine?

Valve has lost a lot of my respect this generation for their attitudes. It's not because it's the PS3 they hate, it's because they are just acting so childish regarding a major console.

Mindboggle3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

If you would read my post you would know i actually got the game. I bought it off Steam the first week of realese. And whatever you say this game is an average FPS with a zombie twist. Its a fun game but not in the same league as Halo, COD4, Killzone and even Resistance 2.

Valve act it would be a privelage for L4D to be realesed on PS3, when clearly Valve have their head up their ass and believe theyve made the best thing sice sliced bread and being completely ignorant to the 20 million + PS3 customers.

And how can I be a fanboy for thinking L4D is average ?? I do not own a 360 but I own almost every Microsft realesed game, including Halo 1,2 and Gears of War for PC. Thats why I dont need a 360.

And Bigman I agree with you. I have lost all Respect for Valve for simply being the biggest fanboy in all of this.

Sarick3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Woah, seriously I think if EA didn't own valve they might have been another Factor 5.

If customers are signing your paychecks don't try and make them look like idiots for owning a console or wishful thinking. Like the OP said "21 million AND GROWING potential customers" It's like slapping those customers in the face when Valve says comments like this.

L-a-i-n3541d ago

Any gamer out wants more games for their system. That is just fact, but company's like Valve just love to spit in the faces of people who want to be their costumers. It is just outright rude and annoying. That is why I could care less about Valve or anything they ever do. What if Bioware did something like this to you 360 guys about every game they make? You would be really pissed off right. I believe Valve as a company is good, but the people running it are just the worst kind of arrogant. Without those fans you guys spit on you would be in the unemployment line. EA needs to sell them to Microsoft and get it overwith.

UnwanteDreamz3541d ago

Phuck Valve and not because they havent made L4D on PS3. They could at least acknoledge that these rumors, and the attention they get, is a complement.

Please spare me the "hard to develop for" excuse. I heard it with the PS1 and the PS2 and it is getting old. Do you realise where console gaming would be now if they catered to developers?

Hint: Its called a PC consoles would be dead.

locos853541d ago

This is why Valve will never see my money, no matter how good their game is. They are such ignorant pricks!!!! They aren't dissing the PS3 they are dissing us who bought a PS3.

Consoldtobots3541d ago

I fail to see how the guy from valve dismissed anything, if anything it sounds like EA went ahead and had another team port it to Ps3. Sounds more like the guy trying to be diplomatic. Fanboys are grasping at straws as they see the ice under their favorite console start showing cracks.

Beast_Master3541d ago

Doesn't this game only have 5 levels? It looks cool but doesn't have the long term playability, level up system like COD and R2, why is Halo and COD4 still played more on XBL? those games have been out over a year before L4D. Valve already lost out on the PS3 base so don't bother.

LinuxGuru3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

EA doesn't own Valve.

@ mean PC & 360, lol

SaiyanFury3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Yeah Gabe Newell already called PS3 gamers "a waste of time". Oh well, so I don't get to try Left 4 Dead. With Demon's Souls, X-Edge and so many other great games coming on PS3, I can't say I really want to try it anyways. Funny thing is, I also own a 360 and could get it if I wanted to.

Edit: Yeah LinuxGuru, I realised my mistake and changed my post here. :)

evilmonkey5013541d ago

But it does own all publishing rights of valve software for a long while(years) they have the last say ....fortunately or unfortunately , however you wanna see it...

Joey Greco RULES3541d ago

for all the whiners out there.
"So it's PC and 360 exclusive still, but PS3 owners can always hope."
they said it, not me.

if L4D is such a "crappy" game, then why be so upset about it?

Why dis3541d ago

This happens with every good 360 game when the PS3 lineup is hyped and later in the year shrinks.

No Way3540d ago

You're an idiot. Left 4 Dead is not a bad product..

hippo243540d ago

Im utterly baffled that someone would say L4D is a bad game. Unless your just really hate shooters, zombies, and playing with friends.

The gameplay is as high polished as it gets, the game is fun, and you can play it with friends.

I could understand the game not being your "Slice -o- pie" but to say its a BAD game is to smack around originality and good game elements.(not to mention one of the best developers of our time)

likedamaster3540d ago

"But it does own all publishing rights of valve software for a long while(years) they have the last say ....fortunately or unfortunately , however you wanna see it..."

I'm going to disagree here. As in Disney and Pixar, EA has no rights whatsoever over Valve software.

hippo243540d ago


That's a tricky road to go down because its all dependent on what is outlined in the agreement, I doubt Valve handed the entire rights of every aspect of the game to EA, just so they could publish it. Valve likes to hang on to its titles and if they really did hand out all the rights to EA then expect a "Left 2 Die", a "Left B3hind" and many other squeals to be following in their footsteps.

Now if we could somehow break into EA's office and find out what their business contract is, we could put any and all rumors to rest, but my "Sneak" level isn't high enough for that sort of stunt.

Marquis_de_Sade3540d ago

Picked up a copy of Left 4 Dead today after it has finally received a price drop to £29.99 in Game. Haven't played it too much yet, but looks decent enough and should provide a source of entertainment during the run in to Killzone 2.

RememberThe3573540d ago

is that they're supposed to be some of the most brilliant people in the industry, yet they hate the PS3 because they can't figure out how to program for it. Thats seems very contradictory to me.

cayal3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

I have a PS3 and 360 and I am not getting this game. I will not support a lazy developer who won't develop for a console because it is 'too hard'.

If it came to PS3, I still wouldn't get this game. In fact I'd mod my 360 just so I could get this game illegally just to stick it up that gluttonous prick Gabe Newell.

somekindofmike3540d ago

@ No Way

You misunderstood, I never said Left 4 Dead was a bad product! I said Microsoft have produced bad products being Windows and the 360, which despite having many great games you have to be the definition of a fan boy to defend the build quality of the product.

Left 4 Dead is a Valve/EA product and one which I definitely would give a go if it were to appear on a system which I owned.

FF7numbaone3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

as long as gabe fat ass is with valve I will never give them money. he Can keep his games because I do have a ps3 and pc but anything is free on pc. (borrow a copy,etc)

Marquis_de_Sade3540d ago

RememberThe357, Valves main audience has, and always will be, the PC market. It's simply because the 360 has architecture similar to that of a PC whereas the PS3 is very different.

Raz3540d ago

The HMV listing is there, all right; but EA's website lists it as only for 360 and PC - and certainly Valve's site doesn't say anything about it.

Methinks somebody either faked out HMV, or somebody at HMV is playing a joke.

prunchess3540d ago

There is a sh!t load of top games on the PS3 and the shoddiness of Valves work would be just shown up. Smell you long time Valve!

Nonsense 4 Gamers3540d ago

Gabe Newell is a fat sack who got KillZOWNED. He has got to be jealous.

Teabag3540d ago

It might be better to just write an Xbox 360 emulator for the PS3.

I'll see what I can knock up today :)

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PirateThom3541d ago

"So it's PC and 360 exclusive still"

So, it's multiplatform?

SlippyMadFrog3541d ago

It's a microsoft exclusive. Either way, msoft gets your money. Those of you buying it on PC to "stick it to the man" will fill msoft's pockets.

hippo243541d ago

Do I need to whip out my definition of an Exclusive???

even if a company denies access to the DS then its an exclusive.

gaffyh3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

@SlippyMadFrog- I'm not 100% sure about this, but I don't think MS make ANY money from PC games, because publishers don't have to pay a royalty fee for PC games. Also even the use of the "Games For Windows" brand is royalty free according to this article ( Meaning MS doesn't make any money from PC games, which kinda destroys the argument that it's "Microsoft Exclusive".

I know you'll say that "buh buh but you have to buy Windows to play the games", but that argument is completely retarded, cos 99% of computers come with Windows already pre-installed, you can't do anything about it. MS doesn't make any more money from it, during the lifecycle of the product. Whereas with Xbox 360, companies have to pay royalty fees for every game and every disc.

PC & 360 are 2 different platforms = Multi-platform. But the game is obviously console exclusive on 360, so that's something.

SlippyMadFrog3541d ago

Good points but it is in Msoft's interest if the PC market is healthy. Windows comes pre-loaded on PC's which means that every PC sold means one copy of windows sold. If Sony owned the majority of the PC O/S market you would have seen the same thing with PS3 exclusives.

Msoft doesn't profit directly from games sold on the PC but a copy of windows is still needed to play PC games.

gametheory3541d ago

"It's a microsoft exclusive. Either way, msoft gets your money. Those of you buying it on PC to "stick it to the man" will fill msoft's pockets. "

Retarded argument. The point of buying a PC game instead of a 360 game is to get the superior experience and not risk getting RROD, not to mention that "LIVE" is free and the games are cheaper.

Is everyone a fanboy in your world? Besides, it's a given that people already use windows anyway, so Microsoft makes less money from the games you buy. Furthermore, one Xbox 360 less means less support for it and (perhaps) more support for PS3 (but you couldn't think about that one now, could you?).

Also, is it "Microsoft exclusive" like Bioshock and every other timed exclusive?

gaffyh3541d ago

@slippy - True, but I'm guessing that MS doesn't get as much money from those preloaded copies than if they sold straight to the consumer. But I get what you're saying.

Sarick3541d ago

I'm pretty sure the "games for windows" and DirectX code game design shortcuts into windows. These shortcuts use dev kits to make it easy to put on PC. They also allow the game unification.

I don't run games on my PC but I know there is a games explorer on it.

These windows games features could be sold to game developers on a royalty base. That means every time a developer decides to use the Games for windows features MS could charge them for the service shortcuts.

In this case the developer wouldn't be paying for the right to utilize the hardware but the right to use the services and features that make it easier to code games for windows.

I take it Valve does pay royalties just not the same type or percentage as the console market.

akiraburn3541d ago

@SlippyMadFrog, not to sound boisterous or contradict you, but what I imagine a decent chunk of people do/did, was to just snag a pirated copy off a torrent site, mIRC, or a newsgroup, and install it on their machine which is most likely running on an already ripped copy of Windows or Linux. Thereby they aren't contributing at all on the PC end of Microsoft's income.

I know you specifically mentioned those people actually buying it on PC, but the fact it's on PC means it can easily be ripped by one of the warez groups out there. The reason I bring this up, is mainly due to what the Crysis developer Crytek mentioned about their game's launch. About how a large amount of their game's sales ended up being forfeit due to the piracy rate on PC, and how they realize how important it is now to develop for consoles due to the dramatically reduced piracy rates.

Sarcasm3541d ago

"It's a microsoft exclusive"


One day I'll hack N4G and mod all the idiots myself.

blackpanther253541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

"It's a microsoft exclusive. Either way, msoft gets your money. Those of you buying it on PC to "stick it to the man" will fill msoft's pockets."

I dont care if i lose bubles, but i gotta say this you are a narrow-minded fool.
I don't care about this ps3 L4D crap. Personally i have two copies for my high end pc. What gets me pissed is that you are insinuating that anybody who plays games on their PC(instead of a 360)is sticking it to "da man". How about people who love to build computers, cg students, tech savy people, or etc who happened to have a high end PC because they love( or must to have) a high end computer.

For the love of god open your damn eyes. Everything is not a Motherfcuking war between microsoft and sony.

SlippyMadFrog3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

@ Sarick
I agree. Microsoft contributed lots to the PC gaming scene with directX and they surely charge something for developers to use it. Not to mention licensing fees for development languages and environments like Visual Studio, VB, C#, ect.

@ Akiraburn
Piracy is a different topic altogether. I agree that it is plaguing PC gaming and anyone who is developing for it. Msoft is facing the same issues with Xbox 360 piracy going rampant. I guess it comes with the territory.


@ Black Panther
"What gets me pissed is that you are insinuating that anybody who plays games on their PC(instead of a 360)is sticking it to "da man""
I was replying to PirateThom(and many PS3 fanboys) who clearly is using the argument against the 360, not "anybody who plays games on their PC".

FF7numbaone3540d ago

Hey so you wanna play the Microsoft exclusive role and be a fanboy. funny thing is a could be a fanboy and not pay for those microsft exclusives and still play them anyway. Not saying I would but I could. Any1 can, so M$ may never see that money from the game.

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zootang3541d ago

I played this on the pc an it could come out on the Ps2 by the look of the graphics. 4 levels?

OmarJA3541d ago

It's not the graphics, the game doesn't bring anything new...

it's like a CS zombie mod.

ReTarDedFisHy3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

LIKE a CS Zombie mod?
Try EXACTLY like a CS zombie mod.
Okay, I'm exaggerating because it isn't EXACTLY like CS zombie - it feels like a $50 Half-life 2 mod that should've been free and would have won MotY from Mod DB :}

I felt ripped off huge. In fact, I get more play time on Zombie Panic: Source... pssh.

zag3541d ago

I have PC and PS3 and I'm not fussed about getting this on PC let alone on a console.

Mr_Bun3541d ago

Is no one going to mention the zombie game in Saint's Row 2 that actually came with other words, it was free with SR2?

SlippyMadFrog3541d ago

It sold over a million already, I think it's at 2 million. Not bad for a "CS zombie mod".

hippo243541d ago anyone wants to criticize L4D then you may use the following arguments

-To short"

-Not enough content"

-Not enough weapons"


Anything other than that is selling the game short of its Ingenuity, there are problems with L4D but unoriginality is NOT one of them.

Keowrath3541d ago

Mr Bun, I played the SR2 zombie game and it was ok, I played L4D 2 player around a friends house on their 360 and it was fun, better than the SR mini game by quite a long shot but I can imagine it getting old VERY very quickly.

Can the SR mini game be played 2 players? I never checked.

Mr_Bun3541d ago

I'm not sure if it can be played with 2 players...I'll admit that L4D is more fun than the SR2 mini-game, but I didn't find the lasting appeal. I played it once, beat it, and wasn't really interested to play it again. I don't think that it warrants the full price and I think that it should have been 29.99 at most.

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GrammarPolice3541d ago

Here's the thing- money talks. And right now, the money is with the 360. They have made the decision to polish their standing with 360 owners, or more accurately, fanboys, by bashing the PS3. While it may be a good move to strengthen customer loyalty, they are taking a huge gamble if they shut out the PS3. We all know how bad the economy is these days, businesses are folding by the hour. If companies are to survive, they need customers and ignoring a large and growing section of potential customers and revenue is irresponsible to stakeholders, especially for 3rd party developers. Once the PS3 hits the tipping point, I see Valve changing their tune.

Simon_Brezhnev3541d ago

yep and whats funny EA make the most money on PS3

PotNoodle3541d ago

Nah, i think if the 360 wasn't so much like the PC in terms of development i don't think they would of even touched it.

Shame though, i would rebuy this game on PS3.

HolyOrangeCows3541d ago

I google that and I confirm. That's strange...

solidt123541d ago

Yeah Money Talks and there are alot of PS3 owners out there with money. That is why it will be on the PS3 one day. EA