MGS3: Subsistence Server Petition

Fans aim to save online gameplay from the chop.

As we reported earlier, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence fans have just over a month left to enjoy their online component before Konami pulls the plug on their dedicated servers for the title. Why are they doing this? Apart from an apparent lack of popularity, who knows? Maybe they're consolidating their server infrastructure for upcoming releases. Maybe not.

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THWIP4277d ago

This is a prime example of why LIVE is so superior. Sony really should just bite the bullet, and copy MS as closely as possible, without getting busted for infringement. :o

BIadestarX4277d ago

I love Sony's line, "Play Beyond" though this proves that it should be more like Play Within(April 2nd). LOL.

CyberSentinel4277d ago

10 years from now, I will be able to play any Xbox 1 title I want to play, as long as my friend has an Xbox 1 and a copy of that game. THATS THE DIFFERENCE IN UNIFICATION!

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

darkvenom4277d ago

I still have my copy of MGS subsistence,and as much as i like to play online,i don't really care if they pull the plug, it's time to move on,to bigger and better things,MGS4 anyone?

R34GTR4277d ago

Yea... their was about 4 people that played this game online. It was kinda fun. I tried it once but nothing compelling. Sony does not host thier own servers that might be shocking news for some of you but nope they dont. PS2 gaming was mostly based on the humungous library of diverse games. Not the ability to play any and every game on line wether is be superb title (Halo) or Junk (brute force). Games that did have big online user base are still supported. I bet the Socom servers are still up. Last time I checked the Burnout servers were up too. MGS online wasnt exactly the best way to enjoy Metal Gear you were better off enjoying the kick arse single player. Thats were it was at.

Silly sheep bahhhhh microsoft rocks...bahhhhh bahhhhh follow microsoft to the end of the earth....bahhh bahhh they dropped support of 25 million consoles..bahhhh bahhhh but we still love them.....

tethered4277d ago

"....bahhh bahhh they dropped support of 25 million consoles..bahhhh bahhhh but we still love them....."


CyberSentinel4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Lemmings will blindly follow their leader, to their own destruction. Just wait till its games like MotorStorm, or R:FOM, or Virtua Fighter 5 (oh wait, no online play for you lemmings. -sucks to be you) Well see how much love Sony has for you lemmings then.

"Jump In" Lemmings, before its to late.

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The story is too old to be commented.