Riccitiello: We'll rival Nintendo on its own platform

A confident John Riccitiello has stated that Electronic Arts can rival Nintendo's success on the Wii home console.

Speaking during a conference call, the CEO detailed a renewed focus on the popular machine, as the publisher dedicates half of its home console output to the Wii.

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PS360WII3545d ago

Glad EA is trying to put forth some quality titles out on the Wii. All I can say is good luck on that hope you back your words

Gr813545d ago

Good luck, I mean Ubisoft said the same thing about rivaling Nintendo. It is easy to say but hard to back up if you don't invest the time and effort nintendo does. Few companies if any actually do.

dib8rman3545d ago

That can't happen, at least not with 50%, unless EA divides itself there is no chance of them rivaling Nintendo.

EA would have to make a portion of it's production properties reliant on success of Nintendo hardware before they can make games designed to sell like Nintendo games. They can't look at the Wii as in. "Ok guys how do we tap into that 45 million install base." They have to look at it as: "Ok this thing is easily accessible so let's make something for everyone who hasn't accessed it yet."

With that said, only Nintendo and a few others have the history to say they know how to tap into the Wii's core demographic in words like: "We will bring more core games to the Wii platform."