Killzone 2 Demo Not Multiplayer

TSA: "PS3Hype is reporting this morning that tomorrow's Killzone 2 demo will contain a multiplayer element. We've checked with Sony and this isn't the case: the demo is the first half of Corinth River, alongside the tutorial pop-ups option, and will not contain a multiplayer mode."

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shingo3544d ago


The MP is the REAL DEAL in this game, beta tester here. But I can live with this. 3 more weeks.

nix3543d ago

though.. i was praying for MP, it's fine.

i will play this demo million times. first i will shoot at all the walls/objects. then i'll finish the game by shooting only at left legs of helghans. then i'll shoot only at the right legs. then i'll shoot only at left hand. then right. then body. head. then i'll use only rifle. then i'll use only flame thrower. then i'll use only grenade launcher. lol.

by the time i get the full version, i will make sure that i have punctured every wall possible. lol. q:

Rock Bottom3543d ago

For some reason I've read the title as: Killzone 2 Demo Not Multiplatform.

It's The Mass Effect 2 effect.

madmike3543d ago

and no online you guys will buy sh.t on a stick if it says sony on it 10 out of 10 my halo killer hahahahaahah

Cutnell3543d ago

I think you missed something. Killzone 2 has a rather robust multiplayer experience... Though I am not surprised by your type's propensity for zero reading comprehension. Also, I'm sure you weren't saying the same about no online when Bioshock was exclusively on the xbox 360.... Play games, not consoles.

mgsfan3543d ago

just the USA one or is there a UK demo coming out tomoro?

na2ru13543d ago

Or should I spoil the hype and anticipation tomorrow? I NEED HELP!

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San Frandisco3543d ago

i still digg.

the story single player in the first KZ was acually the one that brought me into the killzone univerese (as i didnt have internet at the time)-
it was the best story ive ever ben apart of in a FPS before and still is,so im still SUPER STOKED about the single player as much as the multiplayer aspect of it.

ali3123543d ago

Im just grateful that I get to play the demo and Resident Evil 5 ( I know some don't like but I really like it ) this week. In know it's going to be awesome.

Not long now till the official release.

darkdoom30003543d ago

Im a single player guy, but my friend will be dissapointed.

My excitement levels are huge. I wanna see the graphics first hand. I wanna hear the helgast scum scream, I want to see blood splatters all over my screen!

Regor Ttenneb3543d ago

Theres a strong sense of stiffness coming from my groin area.
Is this wrong?

krisq3543d ago

..,it's wrong. There is no multi in the demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.