One in Three Broadband Subscribers is a Pirate

A recently published survey found that one third of all broadband Internet subscribers worldwide admits to having downloaded movies or TV-shows illegally. The majority of these downloaders are well aware that their habits are illegal, but it doesn't play on their conscience.

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shadowghost7523541d ago

Well i am not one of them bever have been never will be. Shame on those who priate their media

Karum3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I bought Season 1 of a show called How I met Your Mother on DVD. Now later seasons aren't available for the UK (at least I haven't yet found a copy for this region) but are available for the US. Now I would gladly pay them for the later seasons but if they're not releasing it for my region or haven't released it by the time I'm done with Season 1 and want to watch seasons 2 and 3 then I'm going to be getting my hands on them any way I can, that is going to mean I download them illegally.

Do I feel shame or guilt about that? Absolutely not.

I'd considered doing the same thing with Season 2 of Heroes, not because it isn't available but because the price of season 2 on blu-ray is nothing short of extortionate. Season 1 I didn't mind paying the £60 for because it was a full length season (like 23 episodes all like 40 minutes each) but season 2 is about half that length and costs between £40 and £50 depending on where you shop. I'll probably just wait until the price comes down for that though because I prefer blu-ray quality and don't fancy leaving my PC on for a month downloading a BR rip or slightly compressed BR rip.

Give me a good product at a fair price and no problem, ty to shaft me like that example of heroes season 2 and you can kiss my ass I'll pirate all day long if it's an option.

Music is another example, I refuse to buy from iTunes because of t heir retarded DRM. If the album is available from like Amazon or as a digital download and I own the files and can put them on my ipod and my PS3/360 I've got no problem buying it legit, if I can't buy it that way, again I'll pirate all day long.

Good product, decent price = you get my business. Otherwise I'm pirating and won't feel bad in the slightest.

Mr_Bun3541d ago

DRM is partially to blame...see the Gears license on the PC

BLuKhaos3541d ago

I'm a pirate.I download fansubbed Anime and foreign movies because the fvcks that hold the licenses to these programs in my region suck a$$ at translating.Why pay for half assed translations,that even a monkey could do in it's sleep,when another group is willing to do perfect translations for free?

PotNoodle3541d ago

Most don't realise though, i know people who think downloading songs through networks like frostwire is perfectly fine.

Mindboggle3541d ago

I think downloading music is completely wrong and i think anyone who does should be forced to pay a fine or have their internet access removed. Its not fair on the artists who put years of dedication into their work to have pathetic people who are too cheap to pay 79p for a song to just download them for free.

On the other hand though I dont see what is the problem with users who download tv shows. If you are paying a tv supscription then whats the problem ?

FreestyleBarnacle3541d ago

What if the music isn't available where you are. Having lived abroad I got into some local music which is not published here. Should I go through the grey market and import? Isn't that slightly less than fully legal? What if it's a foreign film and I'm not in the same region for DVD or Blu-Ray? Should I get a multi region player? Isn't that apparently a bit naughty or is that only of I import to avoid the extortionate local prices for things?

Mindboggle3541d ago

I was going to edit my article to say something along those lines but the edit time expired.

I was going to say unless the cd/dvd isnt available in your country you should be able to download it. I do the same. If a songs not available on the UK itunes/Amazon store I will download it. However theres no excuse for illegally downloading a cd/dvd you can buy on amazon/in store for cheap.

silvacrest3541d ago

some people see it as "sharing" there purchased media to the masses

i'll admit i grab Tv shows from torrent sites since the UK is always behind but im not gonna pretend that its anything but pirating

marichuu3541d ago

I download a few tv shows as well and delete after watching... I pay for my TV license, but they never air anything I like so I never watch TV :p I guess I'm kinda paying for my TV shows xD

Seriously though, some stuff just isn't available here in Denmark, and I don't feel like waiting for the whole season to be released on DVD before I can watch it.

Anon19743541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

They placed levies on blank CD's, Ipod's, etc and distribute the money raised to an organization that divvies up the money to artists. It's gone to court a couple of times but the judge ruled that downloading files in a shared directory is no worse than having "a photocopy machine in a library". Now they seem to frown on the people who make the files available but not for downloaders if you can figure that one out.

No idea how these laws apply to TV and movies as it hasn't been tested in court yet but I imagine they'd use the ruling on music downloads as a precedent.

Mr_Bun3541d ago

They only seem interested in going after those trying to profit from copying in Canada.

I never thought about the "photocopier in a library" analogy

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