PSX Extreme: Yakuza 3 Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Perhaps it never received enough attention because the series came about right around the time a new generation was getting into full swing. The first two installments were on the PS2 while everyone was clamoring for new PS3 releases, and ever since, the unfortunate overlooking of the Yakuza franchise in North America has continued. But hopefully, this solid series will finally come into the limelight when the third entry makes its way to the U.S. and Europe; it's scheduled to release this month in Japan. Typically, this is one of those Japanese-oriented titles that always has a massive head-start in the Land of the Rising Sun, as gamers elsewhere around the world have to wait a very long time to play the latest installment. Therefore, we have to assume we won't see Yakuza 3 'round these parts until later on this year, but even so, we have to give attention where attention's due: it could very well be one of the best action titles of the year, especially based on the significant improvements we can expect."

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Danja3546d ago

We know it will be released stateside , but I dont want to wait a freakin year...summer release is perfect for me..

fishd3546d ago

Just add the damn English subtitle,geez

xg-ei8ht3546d ago

Wonder how well this will do in Japan.