Outside Perspective: Killzone 2 & Halo 3

Beefjack Writes: "With the hype surrounding Killzone 2, it is amazing to see what arguments are brought up within the gaming community. The article you are about read was written in a midst of rage and annoyance at the constant battle for consoles games exclusivity.
With Killzone 2 being the most technically and graphically stunning game to date it is easy to see why people are so eager to find flaws within the game. Halo 3 fans stand tall and declare the game is nothing special and that they have seen those graphics within Halo and Gears of War.

While I understand and can plainly see that Killzone 2, graphically, is an amazing game, I can also see why people will be drawn to Halo 3. Sure, compared to Killzone 2, Halo 3 is a technically inferior game but I am not here to prove which game is better, I am merely saying, why all the hate for each other?

The article is NOT saying which is better. I am stating the differences within each game. Both being sci-fi shooters, Killzone 2 and Halo 3 both fall into the same genre but they both have noticeable differences which will draw their own fans in with their own preferences."

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PoSTedUP5117d ago (Edited 5117d ago )

KZ2 > halo3
~no contest~

im more into intence badass games, not haylow kitty games. : / ouch

MeatAbstract5117d ago

'Outside Perspective' being that I don't have an 'Inside Perspective'. Its a different look. Obviously I can't play Killzone 2 cause the damn game isn't out yet. Halo 3, well, I am a new 360 owner. I will receive a free copy soon anyway.

Being that I hadn't played neither of them, its an interesting perepctive to look at 2 games that fanboys are constantly battling about in forums and gaming sites.

eagle215117d ago (Edited 5117d ago )

halo 3 looks dated, even back in 07. Did you know the AIAS gave zero awards to halo 3? It didn't even get nominated for GOTY. COD4 won many and GOTY. LBP has a record breaking 10 nominations this year including GOTY.

BattleAxe5117d ago (Edited 5117d ago )

HALO should be compared to Resistance as they are both the same type of FPS. Killzone can only be compared with Call of Duty.

Personally I've spent about an hour playing HALO 3 and its just way to run and gun for my liking. I would say the same thing about Resistance 1 and 2 and you could probably throw Unreal Tournament 3 in there too. CoD 4 and WaW requires you to use cover and be a little bit smarter when you make your move. The same can be said for KZ2.

Snow5117d ago

Halo 3 is better then Killzone 2.

Even at it's majestic 640P

BlindMonkey5117d ago

This idiot says people that give killzone 2 a good review shouldn't be reviewing games.... What an idiot.

pswi605117d ago

xbox and halo fanboys clutch to their ridiculous beliefs much like a baby clutches its teddy bear or blankie.

killzone 2 is simply a better game. when Halo 3 was released, the starry eyed media put H3 emblems on friggin pop cans, t-shirts, buses, buildings, etc etc. People think Halo 3 is the best evar because that's what they want to believe.

But then COD4 came out. and now Killzone 2. in a couple years it will be something else. Buy a ps3, get KZ2, and move on with your life.


Kushan5117d ago (Edited 5117d ago )

COD4 (And COD5) don't look particularly special, either, in fact their best point is that they run at a nice 60FPS, yet it was the gameplay that won most of us over.
Graphics will never be more important than the gameplay. The logic of "It looks amazing, it must be a 10/10 game with great gameplay!" or "It looks like a last-gen game, it must be crap!" scares me, sometimes I wonder if many of us have lost sight of what gaming should really be all about.
I'm sure Killzone 2 is going to be a great game to play (I'm not judging it yet - nobody here has played the final release so nobody can), but I had fun with Halo 3 as well (And coming from someone who's a diehard PC gamer that believes Halo is grossly overrated, that surely must tell you something), I'll probably still drop in to play Halo 3 every now and then in between COD and (hopefully) KZ2.
I think that's a fair and balanced comment to make, but no doubt lots of people will still click "disagree" simply because I didn't say that KZ2 was the best game ever made. See paragraph 2.

PistolPumptMonk5117d ago

Hasn't played EITHER?? If I wanted a perspective this "outside" I'd ask my mom how the two stacked up... This is a joke.

TheColbertinator5117d ago


Great comment.It was well written and explained carefully.

bubbles and agree +1

Viper75117d ago

Dunno about Halo3 as havent played it yet. But Killzone2:s Multiplayer packed quite a punch. Only thing I am worried is the party and join up features and maybe slightly about weapon balance but it still tasted better than Call of duty 4 for me at least.

however its dramaticaly differend from both, cod being a Run and gun with realistic settings and weapons, Halo with its somewhat unreal resempling gameplay with its own tricks.

Oh, and yes I have played Killzone2 multiplayer dunno about "PoSTedUP" tough.
I am dieing to see rest of the multiplayer levels as I only managed to try 3 of them. (all being great, except one was a bit small and "tight" for my liking but still pretty enjoyable.

callahan095117d ago

Wow, blindmonkey. That crispygamer review is really something else. First time I'd seen it (thanks for the link).

The reviewer says this:
"It's not really OK in the year 2009 to make an FPS that includes C4-planting and sniper rifle-finding, and valve-turning."

Uh.... why not? What's wrong with any of that stuff? Are you telling me that suddenly in the year 2009 you've always got a sniper-rifle with you? No need to find one, cuz you've always got it! Or that nothing could require a planted charge of C4 to properly demolish? Get real. These are perfectly fine conventional gameplay mainstays.

Then he says: "Killzone 2's greatest sin isn't its lack of imagination and use of clichés; it's that coolness and spectacle are important while common sense and credibility are not."

Uh... why don't you guys just focus on the fun factor. Is the game fun? Yeah? (He even goes into how much fun he was having on the last page of his review, how great he thought some of the gameplay moments were) ... Well, if you are having fun, then the GAME SUCCEEDED. I don't demand Isaac Asimov levels of Sci-Fi Realism in my videogames, I just want to have fun.

king dong5117d ago

cod4 and waw's single players are a joke! play them on veteran and you'll see what i mean. if you use cover, you become a grenade magnet, even when hidden they still seem to know exactly where you are, and the grenades land with pin-point accuracy. the enemies respawn, so even if you sit there and pick them off, there's still the same amount as there was five minutes before. with waw being even worse than cod4. it's only the online that makes cod4 so good.

anyway, as usual, it's the same fanboys(above and below in this thread) that line up to attack halo. pathetic, but what do you expect on n4g???

after reading the reviews, it's clear that kz2 does bring anything new to the genre(like halo), yet, every sony fanboy is going on like it's the second coming. although it sounds like the multi-player is good(again like halos), it certainly doesn't re-invent the wheel(dare i say again like halos).

just grow up people. be a gamer not a hater.

BattleAxe5116d ago (Edited 5116d ago )

@ King Dong

I should have been more specific. I was talking more about the online play. With HALO and Resistance theres alot more running around out in the open and jumping around ect... With CoD 4 and WaW you can't take as many shots before you die, so playing a little smarter and using cover plays a larger role.

I don't think HALO is any worse then Resistance. I used to own both Resistance 1 and 2 and I couldn't stand the online play, it was redicilous. People jumping around, running around all over the place, flying around on those big fans that blow you up into the air. Not to mention the amount of shots it takes to kill a guy, its just not my cup of tea. HALO, Resistance and Unreal Tournament 3 are in the same class. CoD 4 and 5 are just a different play style.

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atttentionshore5117d ago

are there any other games you haven't played yet and still want to compare?

MeatAbstract5117d ago (Edited 5117d ago )

Not many people liking this post, huh?

I am getting quite worried that I am about to get a lot of crazy gamers in here ready to tear me limb from limb for what appears to the gaming equivalent of sodomizing their most antcipated game/favorite game.

What you think? Should I remove this before it gets any worse?

Elvfam5115117d ago

If you want to keep your credibility then take it off if not it be a weird discussion when it get's approved

Kyur4ThePain5117d ago (Edited 5117d ago )

"for what appears to the gaming equivalent of sodomizing their most antcipated game/favorite game."

And that was exactly what you wanted to achieve, wasn't it?
At least you have the balls to admit your motives.

Needless to say I am very excited about KZ2, having been a big fan of the story behind KZ1. The gameplay was acceptable, while I needed the online aspect at the time to get me out of my SOCOM cycle.

Kushan5117d ago

Anyone that's focusing on the fact that you haven't played either game has missed the point entirely of what you're saying.
I agree with the gist of your argument - both are good games, both have a huge following so there MUST be something to it and there's no need to get all hot and bothered just because someone happens to prefer a different game to you.

Really, I don't think the argument is KZ2 Vs. Halo, I think the argument is still PS3 vs. 360, just now there's 2 games that are almost similar enough that they can directly attribute to either console.
Nothing new, really, some people are simply so insecure that they need to constantly tell themselves that their e-penis extension of choice is the "best".

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Elvfam5115117d ago

Hated how Halo 3 ended finish the fight my a$$

Sarcasm5117d ago

lol yeah

"Finish the fight... except if you beat it on legendary you get to see the secret ending where you don't finish the fight, instead you start a new one on a distant planet that nobody's heard of and leave the story open so that we can make Halo 4 on the next Xbox"

Kushan5117d ago

I suppose TECHNICALLY he did finish THAT fight, but has just started another one =P

LinuxGuru5117d ago

Sorry, you can't properly compare games without having played them.

Ichiryoka5117d ago

Well Odion would like to have a word with you!

Sarcasm5117d ago

Halo 3 looks "too clean"


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