But Mike, Resident Evil 5 is broken

Gamer.blorge writes:

"Earlier today, my esteemed colleague Mike Ferro argued the case for the defense in regards to the Resident Evil 5 demo. He also labeled anyone who didn't like or didn't understand the control system and gameplay mechanics as "noobs." I'm afraid I have to disagree. Resident Evil 5 IS broken and the people getting frustrated by the demo are in fact correct".

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TrevorPhillips3545d ago

Resident Evil 5 isn't broken u are broken ok

Ninja-Sama3545d ago

However, I think Capcom can easily deal with many of these complaints by simply allowing your character to walk backwards while shooting at the same time. Hell he/she doesn't even have to be running, and it will make the game alot more fun to play.

dragunrising3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

If Resident Evil 5 is broken then Resident Evil 4 was broken. How does the sequel to the best game from last gen become broken and mediocre? Its not. Game journalism these days seems to be all about complaining about anything and everything inconsequential. If you don't like it, don't buy it. RE fans who loved RE4 will buy it if the sales of the last game is any indication. Although I would like shoot and strafe, RE is about being in dangers way and vulnerable. If you are constantly holding down the "aim" button you will run into problems with visibility. All of this is for effect. Resident Evil is not Gears of War or MGS4. It is what it is. The smart way to play is to aim, take a shot, and decide whom to shoot next; backing up and out of harms way when necessary. When I first played the demo, I was taken aback as the game play seemed very much unchanged. Perhaps its a good thing as I wouldn't change it now, after my 6th play through. If there was shoot and strafe, the zombies would have to be twice as fast and the whole flow of the game would be different. RE5 is not Left 4 Dead.

hate_me3545d ago

or do some ps3 lovers actually want this game to fail?

Rock Bottom3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I used to love RE, but then came RE4, which was an awesome game, but it changed the whole series and I hated it for that, now RE5 is basically RE4 with better graphics and 2 players, which is an even bigger insult to the franchise than 4, yet, even if it's 4 with better graphics, it can still hold up as "good" game, people calling it broken are just over reacting...

But I do think it is a disappointment, especially for the fans.

@hate_me: Nah, it's just you, RE5 demo just came out on PSN, and the RE5 hate have been around for a while now, since the Xbox Live demo to be exact.

trancefreak3545d ago

@ hate me fairly spontaneous comment there eh?

How about maybe for this generation of console gamers these controls dont satisfy like they did back during re4.

Takes the fanboyism remark right on out of there. Pretty sure I don't want re5 to fail on my ps3 at the same time.

TheLaughingMan3545d ago

I agree with blindfromthesun game journalist these days do nothing but complain and whine. Now there are plenty of good ones but most of these on these shmuck sites do nothing b!tch. RE5 was a good demo. Everyone expects these amazing demos every time I dunno bout you but I remember getting demos on discs and we didn't expect the world from them.
The game is good it feels a lot like RE4 which was a great game. I put off playing it due to the fact that the whole shooting and control scheme seemed really odd compared to previous RE. But, none the less it was a great game that I played through over 6 times. Which is rare for me.
And this feels just the same way. controls are good if you aren't a newb . "zombies" are looking good and can't wait to see what they have in store. If it has any of the customization and guns in the last one then this game will be a great game.

All these kids don't know how to appreciate anymore.
It really saddens me.

Megaton3545d ago

It's not broken, but the controls are really poor. I know a lot of you are defending it to flex your gamer nuts so everyone knows you're oh so hardcore, but really it's just poor design on Capcom's behalf, plain and simple.

Why in the world are there two separate aiming buttons for guns and knives? I can live without the 1-button melee that FPS games all have, but a separate button to aim only your knife? There's no reason for that... at all... ever... in any game. Like several other articles have stated, this guy's supposed to be rock-solid, tough guy, coffin nail special ops, but he can't fire and move? Can't bust out a roll every now and then to knock down a mob of non-zombies in front of him?

That shallow argument of "if it controls like TPS it won't be scary" was mangled, dismembered and buried by Dead Space. Wanna make your game scary and tense? Then how about actually making the gameplay like that instead of just gimping the controls so the tension rests on the inability to control your character adequately while you've got 30 units of bad AI slowly roaming towards you?

LastDance3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

"how does the sequel to the best game from last gen"

choose your words carefully my boy.....choose them carefully

Best action/horror game from last gen maybe.

Ps. not all games can feel like COD4. People are acting like they wanted capcom to revolutionize gaming controls or something...or help people grow extra fingers.

Max Power3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

that i never played re4, but i did play RE1-2, and i figured i would give 5 a shot with the demo, but honesty i didn't like it. and this is where i think capcom is going to have some issues, the new gamer. How can they expand the sales of this awesome looking game when they focus on the die hards, according to some? I was planning on getting this game until i played the demo, it just seems too flawed to be enjoyable. I understand that some people are going to enjoy this game, but they are the people who either played the 4th one and understand the controls, or are going to replay the first level over and over again so they can get their head around the controls. I do not feel that is justifiable for me to get used to the game i have to fool around with the control and stumble around the first levels and not enjoy myself until i fully understand what i am doing. So to all the people who are going to enjoy this game, please do, because then capcom will know that their 'target' likes it while the rest of the gaming world doens't.

cayal3544d ago

"Resident Evil 5 IS broken and the people getting frustrated by the demo are in fact correct".

That's where I stopped reading. Something that is subjective cannot be fact and douche bags who tell people that their opinions are wrong are just not worth the sh!t that comes out of their mouth.

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lord_of_balrogs3545d ago

The controls are fine and anyone who can't get past the learning curve for the controls seriously sucks. It seems jerky at first but after a while you get used to it. The only problem with the game is that it is too easy. Lets face it there's too much ammo and the 50 infected chasing after you are really dumb. How anyone dies to the AI is mind-bottling.

Run and gun. You aim using laser sights, how exactly are you supposed to run and gun while using laser sights? It just don't work. This is Resident Evil not Gears of War, and shots are based on accuracy. A shot to the knee drops the infected the ground. Pick your shots carefully and you'll be fine.

Enemies and ammo. Lot's of people complaining about how there's too little ammo and there's too many enemies. How about picking up the ammo hidden in destructible boxes and crates and from the fallen bodies of infected? Or better yet, use a weapon other then the pistol such as the shotgun which is great for using against enemies closing in on you.

GamerPS3603545d ago

completely understood but I would love to see gears style run and gun. I don't want Halo style run and gun but Gears style run and gun would make this game perfect.

By the way, still buying it. pre-ordered and paid for it. I loved RE4 too much to pass this one up.

Danja3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

even though I wasn't blown away by the demo im still getting this game im a huge fan of this franchise , but I would have still likes the option of being able to atleast walk backwards and shot...

the control scheme is broken and it feels really outdated....

The-Director3545d ago

It's broken, there is a difference between challenging controls and just plain frustrating, RE5 is just frustrating and clunky, yes i can play it, yes i can beat it, but will it be fun or just pain in the [email protected], all games are beatable, the question is will i enjoy finishing it ? with RE5 the answer is simply NO.

trancefreak3545d ago

thats you opinion but i think the controls are horrid but i will buy the game and i will get adjusted and maybe ill have a different opinion later. I never missed a resident evil game since its inception and im excited for this one.

Marceles3545d ago

I dont see how RE5 is broken when RE4 wasn't. It's EXACTLY LIKE RE4, what's so broken about it? RE4 was arguably GOTY and there wasn't much of a control issue. Everyone has played Dead Space and now people are used to those controls, so now RE5's controls are considered broken. I don't think "broken" is the's more like "outdated". After not playing RE4 for so long though, I did find myself moving the right joystick around on accident a few times.

vasilisk3545d ago

Resident Evil isn't broken, it's just mediocre. Yes, it has the same control scheme as RE4, but you know what? It's not 2005 any more. RE4 was perfect for 2005, as many other games were great at that period, but games evolve or we would play the same games over and over. Resident Evil hasn't evolved and not only that, it lost the great atmoshpere that it had throughout the series. Now it's just amindless shooter, not a bad game, not a great one either. Maybe the game will change my mind, maybe not, but the demo was dissapointing for the franchise. It's hard to judge a game by it's demo. Motorstorm had a very dissapointing demo but the game was very very good. Hope I'm wrong and the game is indeed a great one.

Marceles3545d ago

True...I would've thought Capcom would've put alot more effort into the game for how long it's taken for the game to come out. It's gonna be really hard to go back to holding the aim button while only moving the left stick now instead of being able to move and shoot like other games.

N2NOther3545d ago

A good rule of thumb. Don't insult people when you can't get a simple term correct. It's "mind-boggling", not "bottling".

And please spare anyone your generalizations because they're erroneous at best. I've played RE, RE2, Nemesis, Code Veronica, and RE 4...With 2 and 4 being among my favourite games of all-time. And I think the controls in the demo are terrible. Yes, they're similar to 4, but as I've said before, a lot has changed since then. And everyone, including you, keeps citing Gears of War as the example...Why? Dead Space has the same pace as any RE game and has the ability to strafe and move while aiming. It's not even an evolution in gaming.

Saying "it's Resident Evil" is an excuse, not a reason. Capcom has already started amping up the action in the series over scares and as such they should have made this SLIGHT change. Would ANYONE dislike the ability to move and shoot? No and if anyone says "yes" they're flat-out lying.

The demo was a severe disappointment to a lot of people I know who love the series. The ONLY thing right now that makes this a must buy FOR ME, is the co-op. I love Resident Evil, but these controls feel outdated already.

Would anyone really like a new Goldeneye that controlled like the original? Would you ignore all the advances made in the FPS genre and say "It's Goldeneye, not COD 4"? That I'd like to see.

PS360PCROCKS3545d ago

Lol mind-bottling? Good one. As far as the A.I. goes, I died in the demo a few times because I was swarmed and couldn't get away because I didn't know I could escape the house. Also, don't insult people, we get it, you're an amazing gamer and cannot die. Others including me can die in this game, I wish I had your amazing ability but I apparently do not.

lord_of_balrogs3544d ago

"A good rule of thumb. Don't insult people when you can't get a simple term correct. It's "mind-boggling", not "bottling". "

A good rule of thumb is also when trying to correct a person it is important to realize that the said person might have said a certain thing on purpose. Mind-bottling is when your thoughts get bottled up, it's an allusion to Blades of Glory if you didn't know.

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LightningPS3PS33545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I really enjoyed the demo.

But I can see what they mean by the controls. It's true, I find myself running away from that chainsaw dude, making sure, I have enough space because I gotta press triangle, and then open my menu, and change gun or take a health plant or give an item to my partner, you gotta work the items menu all in realtime and the action keeps happening, I personally found it kinda thrilling, but I can see why some people have a problem with it.

One time, I personally got pissed off because I got my head chopped off while reloading. You quickly learn that creating distance between you and the enemies is a big part of Resident Evil 5 because you stop while working the menu and the enemies keep moving.

Gerry Mark II3545d ago

Resisdent Evil 5 IS broken. I dont care how things where in previous games. Here is a list i made.

My Hates/Quibbles.

-Crappy controls in general.
-Controls are NOT customizable (besides pre-sets)
-Must press X to run (run should be determined how much you move the analog stick, like in every other game)
-Crappy camera
-You Can't run and shoot
-You Can't run knife
-When you transfer ammo or nades to your partner its all or nothing. You can’t say for example, transfer 10 bullets out of 20.
-You should be able to able to punch any enemy instead of waiting for a random moment. It should be like Uncharted melee combat.
-You must press Square to jump down from edges. (Normally in other games you walk off), I don’t mind pressing it to climb tho.
-Characters have no charisma or virtually no personality whatsoever
-You should be able to crouch
-You should be able to roll
-A few clipping issues.
-guns don't hold enough ammo
-When wanting to equip or combine weapons it should go to pause, or at least allowing you have the option for those that don’t like it. (single player only), the live action inventory is needed for online co-op
-Cheesy Fonts in interface.
-Would of liked to smash barrels open by kicking them or throwing them, instead of using my knife and guns
-Knife should be on R3

My Likes

-Liked the challenge
-Enemy A.I. seemed solid

These are MY thoughts only, get stuffed if i hurt your ego.

MisterNiwa3545d ago

This isnt a Third Person Shooter, this is Resident Evil?
If you ever played any Resident Evil, what i doubt, youll never ever see any of these things you complain about, and hell, Chris has more character than you.
I mean cmon, telling us Chris has no charisma or character whatever is like saying Kratos is a pu$$y.

Oh cmon, stop complaining bout games you never played before and go fishing or something.
Its horrible with you haters, its Resident Evil not some Third Person Shooter like everyone else.

Feel free to ignore me or take my bubbles but shut the fck up about Resident Evil.

LeonSKennedy4Life3545d ago

Those aren't random moments, you moron!

You have to shoot them or knife them in the right place to get them in a position to melee them...

You people are getting dumber and dumber.

somekindofmike3545d ago

I couldn't of put it better myself!

It's Resident Evil NOT a third person shooter!

I do admit I think the controls could of been tweaked and refined better, but in no way do I want this game to play like Gears of War or any other generic shooter!

The controls have a learning curve, I learnt them when I played RE4 and I remembered them playing RE5 demo, and I am sure I am going to love this game when i get it.

madmike3545d ago

years and no online what a joke res5 is a great game and it wont be 5 hours long my friend.

ThichQuangDuck3544d ago

Below is from other Post me defending Re5 under is point by point argument to Gerry Mark II
"I mean did I think the demo was genius no did I love the archaic(sp?) controls that were in RE4 no. But to complain about running and shooting is kinda dumb I mean yes I want to run and shoot like everyone else kill zombies like nothing , but that is what L4D delivers on. Resident Evil 5 delivers horror suspense will I be able to have time to stop shoot and reload before this guy chainsaws me. Also now being able to play with a friend makes it that much more fun. Did I love the demo? No did I love Resident Evil 4? Yes. What are we going to complain about next, you want to take cover in Resident Evil 6 I mean come on? From the articles of RE5 hate I have read it is all the same not move and shoot at the same time when Capcom confirmed this back when they announced RE5. I will personally admit controls feel clunkier(if that is a word) than RE4 ,but there is multiple control schemes and I trust they have tried other control schemes. Overall the Resident Evil 5 demo was ok just that not amazing not horrible am I going to proclaim my hate for it and cancel my pre order no but I will have to see how it does with reviews and maybe use that Gamestop 1 week money back guarantee. I trust Capcom and feel to judge the full game on a demo is a little rough"

that was copied from my last post when Resident Evil 5 hate came out now im going to respond to all yor complaints its going to be a long post responses in quotes under oringinal "quibbles" by Gerry Mark II's

Gerry Mark II's Hates/Quibbles.

-Crappy controls in general.
"The controls are the same as in pretty much exact same as RE4 do they feel clunky yes but it is easy to get used to and there is multiple control schemes in final game
-Controls are NOT customizable (besides pre-sets)
"multiple control schemes are pretty much looking good unless you want fully customizale so you can shoot with 'X' or something"
-Must press X to run (run should be determined how much you move the analog stick, like in every other game) "This is one I agree with"
-Crappy camera "I have played the demo many times due to chainsaw man and dont believe it has a crappy camera you can easily see what is in front of you and the camera doesnt reall shake or anything"
-You Can't run and shoot
"as I said in my previous post this was announced when RE5 first trailer was announced in first gameplay did you ever see them run and shoot no they never announced run and shoot and they never will for a RE game go for L4D if that is what you want"
-You Can't run knife
" Why you would run knife I dont know but dont think it would be very effective. What game have you been able to run and knife and why would you run and knife in a zombie game especially RE.
-When you transfer ammo or nades to your partner its all or nothing. You can’t say for example, transfer 10 bullets out of 20.
"I mean this is like not being able to buy ammo from merchant in RE4 it annoys you but it is a choice you have to make, also since inventory is real time imagine how annoying it would be to chose wether you want to give your teammate 1-20 bullets."
-You should be able to able to punch any enemy instead of waiting for a random moment. It should be like Uncharted melee combat.
"Ha that random moment as you call it is after you stun a enemy, also then people would just run around punching zombies which would be a little dumb"
-You must press Square to jump down from edges. (Normally in other games you walk off), I don’t mind pressing it to climb tho.
"It is slightly annoying I must agre but better than not being prompted"
-Characters have no charisma or virtually no personality whatsoever
"You played a game demo all though I thought the characters were not full of personality I would had said the same if I played first part of RE4 or a RE4 demo"
-You should be able to crouch
"I truly just dont know what to say your describing Left 4 Dead in most of your complaints"
-You should be able to roll
"I dont see where your getting this im guessing Metal Gear Solid but rolling in RE5 just wow"
-A few clipping issues.
"I didnt personally see them so cant disagree on this one"
-guns don't hold enough ammo
"What are you talking about when picking up ammo my gun never said full and I played the demo many times in frustation of chainsaw man"
-When wanting to equip or combine weapons it should go to pause, or at least allowing you have the option for those that don’t like it. (single player only), the live action inventory is needed for online co-op
"Yeah they changed that since RE4 but by being able to change with D-Pad I could really care less and wont be playing the game alone"
-Cheesy Fonts in interface.
"I dont even know what to say to this"
-Would of liked to smash barrels open by kicking them or throwing them, instead of using my knife and guns
"one Throwing them would take too long two kicking them ok cool it is not like your going to run out of precious knife ammo"
\-Knife should be on R3
"You really like the knife but in RE4 I found the knife was not that useful so I would rather have R3 be something else"


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