Online addict dies after 'marathon' session

An obese 26-year-old man in northeastern China died after a "marathon" online gaming session over the Lunar New Year holiday, state media said on Wednesday.

The 330-pound man from Jinzhou, in Liaoning province, collapsed on Saturday, the last day of the holiday, after spending "almost all" of the seven-day break playing online games, the China Daily said, citing his parents.

Xu Yan, a local teacher, said the "dull life" during the holiday prompted many people to turn to computer games for entertainment.

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Silverwolf4254d ago

who says he died because of gaming for seven days. He was "obese" you know....

eques judicii4254d ago

even if it wasn't due to "gaming" the fact that he died at the end of the gaming session is kinda funny... in a darwin awards sort of way

eclipsegryph4254d ago

I'm fairly certain that his gaming obsession led to his obesity, which then led to his failing health after attempting this stunt.

As the above commenter stated, this guy is probably in the running for the Darwin Awards, and with good reason, too.

Sphinx4254d ago

That is some serious stamina... sorta... until he died that is.

MikeGdaGod4254d ago

............THE MART is it you?!?!?!

deadeyes994250d ago

ahhahah good for him i hope he burns in hell that dam fat A$$

Chagy4249d ago

wow this is old and it gets recent comments