1UP: DC Universe Pre-NY Comic Con Preview

1UP writes:

"Just ahead of the New York Comic Con, Sony Online Entertainment hosted an event in New York City today to showcase its upcoming MMO DC Universe Online. The event, which was hosted Creative Director Jens Andersen and Senior Producer Wes Yanagi, showcased some new story elements and character creations.

The two took us through the character creation process, which seems pretty detailed, as you can actually create some pretty neat looking superheroes or villains. As you've no doubt heard by now, DC Universe doesn't allow you to play as your favorite DC superhero (such as Batman, Superman, or The Green Lantern) or villain (such as Lex Luthor or Doomsday), but you are given the option to create your own superhero from scratch -- or you can use the "Inspire" button to create one similar to one of your favorites. What Inspire does is create a character for you that is based on an actual DC character, so if you love Batman and want your character to be exactly like him, then the Inspire button creates a character that closely mimics Batman and his abilities. Once the character is created, if you still feel like tweaking the abilities, you can until you are absolutely comfortable with your design."

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