Did Popular Websites Start an Aggressive Fanboy War?

The question in mind is, did popular websites start an aggressive fanboy war? More specifically, did IGN start these aggressive fanboy wars we see today? It all begins with favoritism toward ones console. IGN is one of the most known "All Things Video Game" websites in the US and heck, maybe even the whole world. Put that in mind, the question above comes to mind...

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SupaPlaya3542d ago

ask some very interesting questions. Sometimes.

SupaPlaya3542d ago

he reminds me of soulja boy

actas1233542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

The truth is the first multiplat games did look worse on the PS3 and that's due to the learning curve the developers had to go through. Now multiplats look identical if not better on the mighty PS3.
By the way good theory and read. Thanx for the article.

Danja3542d ago

didn't this dude ever heard of using paragraphs ....

MasFlowKiller3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I used to go to Gametrailer which to me is the biggest insult to gaming media since the jeff gerstmann fiasco,

there was always that one incident that keeps me away, The Grid Video Comparison.

even if IGN prefers the xbox at least they aren't as anal about it as gametrailers

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sinny3542d ago

Actually i think it was a marketing move by MS.
And it worked great in a business perspective.
The media only helped them.

BGDad3542d ago

And because of that I doubt many people surf the boards as much as they use to...

Media = not gaming anything it equals a bunch of dumb ./ writing about numbers and or what they were told to write about...

The best thing the media has done is come up with video previews of games.. Thats it... I dont need some dumb article written by some dumb biased writer, just show me a quick 15 second clip of actual gameplay and ill know if i want the game... Demo's are also great but if you have a bad game you will pay for it if your game sucks.

Screw IGN Gamespot N4G Xbox TeamXbox Gametrailers and everyone else. Start posting real game articles... NPD #s do not equal gaming news!

Johnny Rotten3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

How ironic.

I would put a little blame on VG Chatrzzz and Metacritic for adding to the cesspool.

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The story is too old to be commented.