Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming: #19 Alyx Vance - Half Life 2

GamePlay writes:
"What's up people. For Black History Month, GamePlay has decided to cull together a list of the Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming. Counting down from 20, we'll be hitting you with a new one each week day until we get to number 1. Let's get to it:

#19 on TGH'z Top Black Video Game Characters list goes to Alyx Vance of the Half Life franchise.

Not only is Alyx of African American descent, she's also bi-racial, and if you haven't noticed a woman. Valve Software just went down the line on this one ticking off the boxes. Some fans of the series may argue for her father's inclusion..."

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blackpanther253544d ago

a blog off of BET. Dear god. I'm sorry but as a Black man i can't take this site seriously.

Asurastrike3544d ago

How about you take the article for what it is, rather than judging it by your preconceived notions?

blackpanther253544d ago

I never said the article is bad(its actually good), but i just don't take anything from BET seriously. That is just how i feel.